Discover the typical cuisine of Kagawa prefecture

Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in the "land of the rising sun" and has famous local specialties. We invite you to explore with us in this article!

Mar 18, 2023 - 11:17
Mar 16, 2023 - 12:50
Discover the typical cuisine of Kagawa prefecture

Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in the "land of the rising sun" and has famous local specialties. We invite you to explore with us in this article!

1. Sanuki Udon (All of Kagawa Prefecture)
Sanuki udon is a famous traditional dish of Kagawa, so it is understandable that the locals love it, but it doesn't stop there, this dish has such a strange appeal that it is always on the list of dishes. eat "can't miss" when visiting Kagawa.
The reason why Udon is so popular in Kagawa is because it is favored by nature for its mild climate and fertile soil, which are perfect conditions for farming. There are now more than 600 restaurants serving udon in the whole prefecture, so the consumption of udon by the Kagawa people is always at the number one spot in Japan. In addition, products such as salt and soy sauce are also agricultural strengths of the prefecture and Kagawa is also the leading producer of sardines in the country.

2. Maryland Chicken (All of Kagawa Prefecture)
Marugame City is the birthplace of the magical Maryland chicken. It was born from the story of a couple who owned a pub near the station in 1952 who wanted everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the chicken that they enjoyed so much in an American movie. The rich flavor and richness of the crispy chicken pieces instantly became a popular dish in the area, and shops began to include it on their menus as well.
Today, it is not difficult to find a store that supplies Maryland chicken throughout Kagawa Prefecture, and the image of customers lining up outside the store, especially at Christmas is not as strange to the people here as the first day. it shows up again.

3. Pippi Rice (Sakaide City)
“Sakaide pippi rice” is a typical Kagawa meal consisting of rice made from pipi rice, chopped udon noodles and pickled radish, fried all together. This dish reminds us of the taste of the old days in the houses of Sakaide. It came about when Sakaide was originally a noodle factory and the people of the Showa period used the noodles to mix with the rice and whatever was left in the cupboard to make this dish.

4. Sakaide Potato Chips (さかいで金時丸) (Sakaide City)
These french fries are made by mixing potatoes with carrots, coating the mixture with somen noodles, and then deep frying. When you take your first bite, the sweetness of the potato, the crispiness of the outer layer, and the warmth of the inside blending together will surely make you extremely excited. This crispy potato dish was a featured dish at the 2009 “Sanuki Daily Food Contest” with the idea of ​​a student from the nutrition department of Kagawa Junior College.

5. Tripe and Udon Hot Pot (鍋ホルうどん)(Tadotsu-cho)
This dish was invented by a pork seller when he started working as a kitchen for the workers of the former Japan Railway Tadotsu Shipping Factory (now the JR Shikoku factory). Usually, when eating Tripe hot pot, people will enjoy more udon noodles and this combination has earned it a solid place on the list of delicious local dishes. The secret of this attraction comes from the special sauce made from garlic and strong soy sauce when dipped with vegetables and hot pot dishes that are the highlight of this winter favorite.

6. Hamachi-don (ハマチ漬け丼) (Takamatsu City)
Hamachi-don is a dish often seen in celebrations because the people here believe that Hamachi fish is a symbol of good luck. This dish will probably make you come back to enjoy it again.

7. Hishio-don (Shodo Island)
Shodo Island is one of the four largest soy sauce producing areas in Japan, and the island is also known as the birthplace of Hishio-don. This dish is a harmonious combination of many local products and was created to promote the legendary flavors produced here. A true Hishio-don dish must meet the following three conditions:
● Use soy sauce from the place where hishio is made
● Made with fish, vegetables or other ingredients sourced from Shodo Island
● The dishes with hishio rice bowl must be soy sauce or olive oil flavored dishes

8. Tako-han (Mitoyo City)
Tako-han was created to fulfill the dream of children who wanted a snack bigger than tako-yaki (octopus cake). Tako-han is made using the same ingredients as tako-yaki but is fried in the larger trays of fantawa-yaki (fantawa-yaki is a pastry filled with beans). Its ingredients include cabbage, octopus and eggs, mixed up and deep fried, served with various sauces or mayonnaise. With only about 100 yen, you can enjoy this attractive street food already.

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