Must-try dishes when coming to Okinawa

Referring to Okinawa, we will immediately think of "Paradise of the sea and island" in the land of Phu Tang.

Mar 17, 2023 - 07:34
Jun 10, 2024 - 17:35
Must-try dishes when coming to Okinawa

This place is very favored by nature when it is endowed with famous beaches with white sand, clear blue sea and brilliant colors of subtropical flowers blooming all year round. In addition to visiting the scenic spots and charming natural sites, visitors also cannot ignore enjoying the typical culinary flavors with a unique blend of both the West and the East in each location food here.

1. Salt cream
When coming to Okinawa, not having tried a cup of "salt ice cream" is a big omission. Produced and served only at Yukishio Salkworks, this delightful dish is an innovative combination of the sweetness and softness of ice cream along with the salty taste, creating an unforgettable taste that attracts thousands of people. tourists visit here. Yukishio also means snow salt, this is said to be the most mineral-containing material in the world, very beneficial to the health of the user.

In particular, there will be many choices of ice cream flavors for visitors to suit each person's taste such as hibiscus (atiso), chocolate, green tea, wasabi, pepper, black sesame, ... Try and feel get it now! The price of each ice cream will be about 350 yen.

2. Sata Andagi (Okinawa Donuts)
If you like sweets, the traditional Okinawan cake - Sata Andagi will be the most suitable choice. These are round donuts that are deep fried on the outside, but the inside is the opposite, the filling is so soft and smooth. Because it is a traditional cake, visitors can easily find and try different flavors of the cake such as red bean paste, sweet potato, brown sugar.
Price: 80-100 yen.

3. Taco rice
A dish with full of nutrients for visitors after hours of visiting the city is Taco rice. This is a typical Okinawan mixed rice dish, with common ingredients such as octopus (Taco), rice, cheese, lettuce, ground beef and sliced vegetables. Mix the above ingredients with a rich sauce and combine with teas or soft drinks to create a wonderful combination.
Taco rice is a testament to the influence of Western cuisine on Okinawan cuisine in particular and Japan in general, so they are not only famous in Okinawa but also popular throughout the "land of cherry blossoms". ".
Price: 500 - 800 yen.

4. Sweet potato cake
It can be said that sweet potato cake is an indispensable souvenir for tourists who have visited and experienced in Okinawa. Not only can visitors enjoy the delicious, sweet-tasting cakes, but visitors can also directly experience how to make purple sweet potato cakes through short courses at Onna store. A very famous address, specializing in the supply and production of these cakes, is the long-standing traditional shop - Osaki Goten. It is likened to a sweets palace in Okinawa Prefecture, which is loved and trusted by both tourists and locals. If you can make your own cakes and give them to your loved ones, this will definitely be a very meaningful gift.
Price: 2,160 yen/box of 12 pieces.

5. Chinsuko Bánh
Believers who have a love for snacks can't ignore the "golden" Chinsuko cake boxes that are widely sold in Okinawa. This is a traditional cake and is also the most popular on the islands in Okinawa.
A special feature, instead of using butter, people here use lard, creating a different flavor compared to other cakes.
Price: about 1,600 yen/box of 12 pieces.

6.Mimiga (Sliced Pork Ears)
Another rather "strange" choice for visitors to Okinawa, a plate of Mimiga (sliced pork ears) will definitely be a suggestion not to be missed. Pig ears will be steamed or boiled and then sliced into long and thin slices, then marinated and mixed with some other ingredients such as vinegar, peanut butter, miso... to make an attractive dish with richness. blend of meat and ingredients. In addition, the chewy, "chewy" feeling of the cartilage pieces will make you want to eat again but can't resist. This is also a dish that provides a necessary amount of collagen to maintain our beauty and health.
The price of each Mimiga disc will be about 1,000 yen.

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