Japanese Vocabulary: Travel

Traveling is a fascinating topic when learning Japanese, because it involves discovering new places and communicating with locals. In this article, we will explore some Japanese vocabulary related to the topic of travel.

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Japanese Vocabulary: Travel
  1. 旅行 (ryokou): Travel
  2. 観光地 (kankouchi): Tourist destination
  3. 観光名所 (kankou meisho): Tourist attraction
  4. 旅館 (ryokan): Traditional Japanese inn
  5. ホテル (hoteru): Hotel
  6. レストラン (resutoran): Restaurant
  7. 観光案内所 (kankou annaisho): Tourist information center
  8. 地図 (chizu): Map
  9. 言語 (gengo): Language
  10. お土産 (omiyage): Souvenir
  11. 交通機関 (koutsuu kikan): Transportation
  12. 飛行機 (hikouki): Airplane
  13. 電車 (densha): Train
  14. 地下鉄 (chikatetsu): Subway
  15. バス (basu): Bus
  16. 観光ツアー (kankou tsuaa): Sightseeing tour
  17. ガイドブック (gaidobukku): Guidebook

In addition, here are some useful phrases and sentence patterns as you travel and encounter different situations:

  1. 観光地を訪れる (kankouchi o otozureru): Visit tourist destinations
  2. ホテルにチェックインする (hoteru ni chekkuin suru): Check into a hotel
  3. 地元の食べ物を試す (jimoto no tabemono o tamesu): Try local food
  4. 観光名所を散策する (kankou meisho o sansaku suru): Explore tourist attractions
  5. お土産を買う (omiyage o kau): Buy souvenirs
  6. 電車に乗る (densha ni noru): Take a train
  7. レストランで食事する (resutoran de shokuji suru): Have a meal at a restaurant

Hopefully this article has helped you expand your Japanese vocabulary related to the topic of travel. Try using these words to enjoy and go on a travel adventure in Japanese. Wish you have a fun and exciting journey!

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