Enter the world of the top luxury cruise ship in Japan

In Japan, there is a special train called Seven Stars that has become a popular destination not only for its slower speeds compared to the country's highway style, but also for its luxurious and classy service inside.

Jun 24, 2023 - 12:05
Enter the world of the top luxury cruise ship in Japan

The Seven Stars train consists of 7 cars and runs through the provinces on the island of Kyushu. Since 2013, this ship has been offering scenic cruises around the island. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, experience the food, enjoy the hot springs, and discover the unique history and culture of the region. Before departing at Hakata Station, guests will have time to relax in the private lounge.

This ship includes 10 suites with comfortable Japanese-style interiors. The large windows are equipped with gilding, allowing visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the rich nature and create a luxurious space. A special feature is the tea room paved with tatami mattresses in the traditional ryurei style.

In addition, the ship also has a luxurious bar with self-service drinks. Guests can relax and enjoy a drink here, in a comfortable space with melodious sounds from a live piano performance. Guests can also enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the starry sky through the window, holding a glass of wine and relaxing on the sofa.

The Seven Stars train runs along a 3,000 km route on the island of Kyushu. The specific itinerary will vary depending on the preferences of the visitors. Normally, tourists often choose a trip lasting 4 days and 3 nights to discover the typical cuisine of Kyushu.

On the third day, the train stops at Miyazaki City for visitors to experience how to make bento. The ingredients are carefully selected and dried for years before use. In particular, the dishes in this bento box are packed with Kirishima cedar wood, using local ingredients. On the 4th day, in the morning, guests can enjoy a meal at Murezuru Shuzo, which includes "watadamai" (Japanese imperial rice) cooked in the cellar oven of the Murezuru Shuzo brewery and "Torijiru" chicken soup. . Outside, the ship is painted in an attractive wine red and is capable of carrying up to 26 guests per journey. This number of guests is evenly divided into 12 rooms on 5 carriages.

On the train there are 4 cars designed to serve guests, each car has 3 rooms. All rooms are equipped with a shower, toilet and air conditioning. These special facilities ensure a comfortable sleep. There are only 2 Deluxe Suite rooms on board, completely uniquely designed and equipped with many Japanese-style items, located everywhere. The last room of the last car is the most special, as from here you can enjoy the final scenery as the train passes. The interior style of the ship is classic and charming in European style. The train also has a bar called Blue Moon, where guests can relax during the day and enjoy drinks at night to the melodious, mellow piano sound. From the rooms, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the starry sky along the way.

The Jupiter food car is a highlight not to be missed on the train. Here, professional chefs prepare fresh, seasonal dishes from Kyushu island ingredients. Each train will bring a separate menu, rarely duplicated.

True to Japanese style, the Seven Stars ship serves as a living museum of arts and crafts. While traveling on board, visitors have the opportunity to admire the collection from exquisite kumiko wood products to the traditional art of Aritayaki porcelain. The cost for each trip on the Seven Stars train ranges from 6,098 to 14,599 USD for a tour lasting 4 days and 3 nights.

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