Fairytale world in an amusement park in Osaka

The 30-meter high Christmas tree that changes color continuously or the glittering Christmas decoration makes you feel like you are lost in a fairy world.

Jan 10, 2023 - 07:30
Feb 13, 2024 - 12:19
Fairytale world in an amusement park in Osaka

Universal Studios Osaka is one of the most loved theme parks in the world. In particular, the most prominent is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) simulates the scene in the cult movie of the same name, based on the novel by British female writer J. K. Rowling. The roof is covered with white snow, each shop in Diagon Alley seems to make you lost in the magical wizarding world.

Each year, the park welcomes about 11 million visitors, especially during the Christmas season, although the ticket price is more expensive than usual. There are 4 types of tickets with prices ranging from 1.6 to 1.9 million VND. At this time, the whole park is decorated with Christmas theme. Welcome gate Despicable Me wrapped with decorative pine.

The lovely Minions also put on trendy Christmas costumes, attracting the love of young guests. The souvenir stalls here have many limited products exclusively for the Christmas season such as cups, pillows, etc., are always crowded with customers.

Walking along the San Francisco area, New York you will enjoy the street music performances of American boys. Around 5 pm, this area is very busy, quite a lot of tourists lined up to take photos with the artists.

The buildings in the Hollywood area are covered with sparkling LED lights that change color continuously at night. This is also one of the "virtual living" spots with no dead corners for tourists. There are always staff standing on the street to greet guests ready to guide and help guests take photos.

This season, groups of friends often wear Christmas clothes at the same time. In the afternoon, everyone moved to the square in the park to enjoy a special music show for this year's Christmas:  The Crystal Promise, taking place from  14/11/2019 to 13/1/2020.

If you don't want to spend money but have a nice place, you have to come early (at least 60 minutes before the show time) to get a seat. Or buy tickets for 380,000 - 820,000 VND/person to get a good seat. Fairytale characters such as Snow Queen, Santa Claus, fairies ... are recreated on the big stage, combined with a fireworks display to end the program as beautiful as a dream.

Many pine trees are scattered throughout the park, but the most impressive is the more than 30-meter-tall Universal Crystal Tree, located near the stage. Made from tens of thousands of LED bulbs that continuously change beautiful colors, it is considered one of the most famous pine trees in the country of cherry blossoms this year.

You should be at Universal early to be able to play many games in the park. If you don't want the market to wait too long and have a lot of money, an Express ticket with double or even 3 times the price is usually a good suggestion. You will be given priority to play some games that have to wait in line for an hour such as Spider Man, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park ...

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