Japanese Vocabulary: Spa

Going to a spa is a popular beauty and relaxation experience that many people love. In this article, we will explore some Japanese vocabulary related to the topic "go spa".

Jul 13, 2023 - 14:34
Jul 3, 2023 - 09:42
Japanese Vocabulary: Spa
  1. スパ (supa) - Spa
  2. リラクゼーション (rirakuzēshon) - Relaxation
  3. マッサージ (massāji) - Massage
  4. フェイシャル (feisharu) - Facial
  5. ボディトリートメント (bodi torītomento) - Body treatment
  6. アロマテラピー (aroma terapī) - Aromatherapy
  7. サウナ (sauna) - Sauna
  8. ジャグジー (jagujī) - Jacuzzi
  9. フットマッサージ (futto massāji) - Foot massage
  10. ヘッドマッサージ (heddo massāji) - Head massage

In addition, there are some phrases and sentence patterns related to going to the spa that you should also know:

  1. 予約を取る (yoyaku o toru) - Make a reservation
  2. スパトリートメントを受ける (supa torītomento o ukeru) - Receive spa treatment
  3. リラックスできる (rirakkusu dekiru) - Feel relaxed
  4. ストレスを解消する (sutoresu o kaishō suru) - Relieve stress
  5. マッサージを受けると体が軽くなる (massāji o ukeru to karada ga karuku naru) - Getting a massage makes the body feel lighter
  6. スパでリフレッシュする (supa de rifuresshu suru) - Refresh oneself at the spa
  7. スパのアメニティ (supa no ameniti) - Spa amenities

Hopefully this article has helped you expand your Japanese vocabulary related to the topic of "going to the spa". Try using these words in your spa conversation and relaxation experience in Japanese. Wish you have enjoyable spa experiences!

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