Japanese Vocabulary: Topic Company Title

In the working environment, it is very important to understand and use Japanese vocabulary related to company titles. Here are some Japanese vocabulary related to the topic "company title" to help you familiarize yourself with the main titles in a company.

Jul 5, 2023 - 14:49
Japanese Vocabulary: Topic Company Title
  1. 社長 (shachou): CEO, President
  2. 副社長 (fukushachou): Vice President
  3. 取締役 (torishimariyaku): Board member
  4. 役員 (yakuin): Executive, Officer
  5. 部長 (buchou): Department Manager
  6. 課長 (kachou): Section Manager
  7. 係長 (kakarichou): Team Leader
  8. マネージャー (maneijaa): Manager
  9. 社員 (shain): Employee, Staff
  10. リーダー (riidaa): Leader
  11. スタッフ (sutaffu): Staff

In addition, there are some phrases and sentence patterns related to company titles that you should also know:

  1. 仕事を任される (shigoto o makasareru): Be entrusted with a task/responsibility
  2. チームを指揮する (chiimu o shiki suru): Lead a team
  3. 会議に出席する (kaigi ni shusseki suru): Attend a meeting
  4. プレゼンテーションを行う (purezenteeshon o okonau): Deliver a presentation
  5. タスクを割り当てる (tasuku o wariatateru): Assign tasks
  6. レポートを提出する (repooto o teishutsu suru): Submit a report
  7. プロジェクトを管理する (purojekuto o kanri suru): Manage a project

Hopefully this article has helped you expand your Japanese vocabulary related to the topic "company title". Use these words to communicate and better understand organizational structure and roles within a company.

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