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Privacy Policy

MANSAN CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has established a privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) regarding the use of personal information of service users (hereinafter referred to as “service”). this service") is provided by the INJAVI.COM website that our company is managing, this policy is set forth in order to comply with other policies and rules prescribed by law and state regarding the use of this service. use personal information. By using this service, the user consents to the collection, use and disclosure of his or her personal information described in this policy.

1. Personal information that our company collects
(1) Our company will set the purpose of use in advance according to the provisions of the law on protection of personal information (Personal Information Protection Law), and do not use the personal information of outside users. the purpose of use set forth, in the event that our company collects and uses personal information of users. In addition, our company will disclose the purpose of use, and put in place appropriate management measures to avoid the use of such personal information outside the scope of the purpose of use.

(2) In order to properly manage the collected personal information, our company has put in place technical and organizational safety measures, endeavoring to prevent, as well as find ways to remedy the situation. recover from leaks, loss and other incidents of personal information.

2. Purpose of use
(1) In addition to the purpose used to provide this service as specified in section 2(2), the user's personal information is also used for other purposes as specified in section 2(3).

(2) The purpose of using the user's personal information to provide specific services is as follows:
・In order to provide, maintain, protect and improve this service when receiving service registration, user identification, usage fee, etc.
・In order to guide and answer questions related to this service
・To require users to pay a fee when using a paid service.
・For the purpose of analyzing and disclosing data related to this service, after it has been processed in an unidentifiable form.
・In order to deal with violations of our company's regulations, rules, policies, etc. regarding this service (hereinafter referred to as "regulations, etc...")
・To notify changes, regulations, etc. related to this service.
・For purposes other than those mentioned above

3. Use of Cookies
(1) Advertisements posted in this service
This service is using advertising services provided by third parties (GoogleAdSense,,Accesstrade,afb,ValueCommerce,Moshimo Affiliate...).
The companies providing this advertising service may use “Cookie” information (not including name, address, email address, phone number) in connection with this service and based on the visit to other websites to display advertisements for products and services tailored to the user's needs.
Also, click here for more details on this process in relation to Google AdSense and how to disallow the use of this information by the advertising company.

(2) Access analysis tool using this service
This service uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics” provided by Google and the traffic analysis tool by Okensaku.
This Google Analytics tool used “Cookies” to collect access data.
This access data is collected anonymously, so it cannot be personally identified.
Please click here or click here for more details on this provision.

(3) Explain and disable ads based on user behavior
“User behavior advertising” is advertising that analyzes user behavior on a social network, thereby providing advertising that customers may be interested in, interested in, and suitable for their properties. customer properties.
Our company has used "Cookies" to collect information about browsing history, advertising response history, service usage history (hereinafter referred to as "activity history information") of the customer has used "this service" to deliver advertisements that are relevant to the customer's interest and interest, and also provide the information previously collected for the following advertising delivery service (collectively, the advertising service management company, hereinafter referred to as the “advertising service provider”), the advertising service providers will post on the media of the social network advertising in this service and the services that provide advertising.
In addition, the historical information about customers' activities that we collect and provide to advertise based on user behavior, is in the scope of not personally identifying (the scope does not include full name, address, etc.) address, phone number, etc.). To disable that ad, please proceed to the setting of disabling ads based on user behavior at the Opt-out page of the advertising service provider's homepage below. After disabling user behavior ads, ads that are not based on user behavior will be displayed. (There are actually cases where it takes some time until the disable setting is reflected on the system).
・Google Ads
・Facebook Ads

4. Method of request regarding disclosure, modification, discontinuation and deletion
The user may request the deletion or cessation of the use of all or part of his personal information by performing the settings specified in this service. In this case, our company will promptly stop using or delete that user's personal information in accordance with our company's regulations. In addition, users have the right to request public disclosure of personal information provided to our company, or to amend in case of errors in personal information.

5. Provision to third parties
Our company will not provide users' personal information to third parties without the user's consent, except where such disclosure does not violate the Personal Information Protection Law and other legal provisions. However, this will not apply in the cases specified in the following sections. In addition, in the event that our company entrusts the personal information we have to an outside third party (including a third party located abroad) to perform the processing, we will conduct the selection process. the trust company takes measures to protect the personal information of users in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations, and conducts the necessary supervision over the trust company.
(1) Where our company entrusts all or only once for the processing of personal information to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of use.
(2) Where personal information is provided in connection with business succession due to merger or other reasons.
(3) Where it is necessary for a state agency or local government or the entrusted party to assist in performing the work prescribed by law, and the situation is likely to interfere with the performance of such work due to User consent must be obtained.
(4) Other cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and other legal regulations

6. Publish, amend, etc. personal information and stop using the service, respond to complaints, inquiries, etc.
When our company receives requests to disclose, amend, etc. personal information or stop using services from users in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, our company will promptly promptly conduct the necessary investigation, after confirming that the request is correct from the user, then based on the results of the investigation, we will make it public, amend, etc. personal information or stop using the service, etc., and notify the user. In addition, we will also notify users in the event of a decision not to make publicity, modify, or discontinue use with good reason.

7. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments, complaints, etc. or any problems with the handling of usage information, please contact us using the information below:
Chiba Prefecture 15-1 Shin-Matsudo Higashi, Matsudo-shi 605, Japan
Contact form:

8. Privacy Policy Change Procedure
Our company will review the operation situation related to the reasonable use of personal information, and we will constantly strive to improve, and change this policy if necessary. set. We will notify users at this service's page in case of any changes. After we have notified the content of the corresponding change, if the user uses this service, we consider the user to agree to this change. However, in case when changing the content that requires the consent of the user in accordance with the law, we proceed to request the consent of the user in the manner prescribed by our company.

[Updated date: January 6, 2023]

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