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Tanabata is one of Japan's traditional events, celebrated every year on July 7th. This event is based on the legend that Orihime and Hikoboshi cross the Milky Way once a year to meet again.

On Tanabata day, there is a custom of hanging strips of paper with wishes written on them on bamboo leaves. Tanabata decorations can be seen at many homes, schools, and local events, and the town is bustling with colorful decorations.

Tanabata festivals are also held all over the country, and the famous ones are the Tanabata Festival in Sendai and the Tanabata Festival in Hiratsuka. At these festivals, huge and beautiful decorations are displayed and many tourists visit.

On Tanabata night, there is also a custom of looking up at the starry sky and making a wish, which allows you to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Tanabata is a wonderful opportunity to create heartwarming memories by having fun with family and friends.

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