When there is doubt about how to work by the company or the superior?

When you have doubts about the company's or the superior's way of working, try to embrace what is organized or assigned by them, as you may be surprised by the results.

May 16, 2024 - 10:00
May 15, 2024 - 22:06
When there is doubt about how to work by the company or the superior?

Don't react hastily; temporarily accept the situation. It's not just newcomers; everyone has, to some extent, pondered when feeling unable to accept the company's or the superior's way of doing things. Although you may believe that approach won't yield results, as a subordinate and as someone "earning a living," in reality, you still have to adhere to the organization's and the superiors' directives.

In this case, don't immediately object; temporarily accept and try to follow the requested method. Remember, they have much more experience than you and always consider decisions based on what they have accumulated over time. Therefore, even if you feel this approach isn't reasonable, it certainly has some significance. For example, based on future budget frameworks, this action may bring long-term benefits, but currently, you may not "subtly" perceive it.

The company's machinery sometimes has very strict requirements such as proposing an increase in KPIs, working overtime, meeting various deadlines, or adding other tasks to your daily workload that seem unattainable and unlikely to achieve goals. Taking a more positive view, this could be a "silent" method to push you beyond your limits and capabilities, seeking new ways to advance the issue to gradually enhance work performance.

There are many policies that may seem very strict at first glance, but if you try to make an effort to implement them, it not only benefits the company but also becomes an achievement for each individual involved. Instead of spending time and wasting energy on "complaining and grumbling," first calmly accept and comply with them to see how it goes.

Initially, try to do what you are assigned. Until you have evidence and are confident that the task is truly "meaningless" or "mistaken," then present your dissenting opinion or propose your own suggestion. If you object immediately, you may miss the opportunity to experiment and discover the benefits that directives from superiors or organizations can bring.

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