How to find a part-time job in Japan?

Studying abroad in Japan and looking for a part-time job in Japan can be a great way to earn extra income, experience the culture and improve your personal skills.

Jun 30, 2023 - 12:14
Jun 29, 2023 - 12:28
How to find a part-time job in Japan?

Here are some tips when looking for a part-time job in Japan that Injavi wants to send to you.

  1. Mastering Japanese: First of all, being fluent in Japanese will open up many more job opportunities for you. Take advantage of your time studying abroad to improve your language skills. Take Japanese language courses and find ways to practice it daily in everyday life.
  2. Use school resources: At the university or college, the Japanese language school you are attending may provide information about part-time jobs for foreign students. Ask at student support for part-time job opportunities and recruitment meetings.
  3. Learn about working regulations: Understand the regulations on working for foreign students in Japan. This includes working hours limits, expatriate rights and responsibilities. Schools or local government agencies can provide detailed information on this.
  4. Use online recruitment websites: Recruitment websites in Japan provide information on suitable jobs for foreign students in Japan. Check back often and apply for positions that match your skills and study schedule.
  5. Participate in recruitment events: Follow recruitment events held in your area. These events often provide the opportunity to meet face-to-face with employers and learn about local companies looking to hire foreign students.
  6. Networking and Finding Through Relationships: Make friends with Japanese students and other foreigners to build a social network. They may share information about part-time job opportunities or refer you to recruitment sources.
  7. Consider English teaching: English teaching positions are commonly available for foreigners in Japan. Companies such as eikaiwas (English conversation schools) or ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) dispatch companies often hire part-time teachers. While these roles may require a teaching certification or some previous experience, they can be a viable option for many students.

Along with that is what you need to do:

  • Focus on your strengths: Consider your skills, experiences, and strengths when searching for part-time jobs. For example, if you have expertise in web design, graphic design, programming, or translation, you can look for freelance or project-based work in these areas.
  • Prepare a Japanese-style resume: In Japan, resumes, known as "rirekisho," follow a specific format. Research and prepare a well-structured resume tailored to the Japanese market. Include relevant information about your education, skills, work experience (if any), and any certifications or qualifications you possess.
  • Be professional and reliable: When applying for part-time jobs, emphasize your reliability, punctuality, and willingness to learn. Japanese employers value these qualities highly. Dress appropriately for interviews, arrive on time, and maintain a polite and professional demeanor throughout the application process.

The above are some guidelines for you when looking for a part-time job in Japan, but remember to prioritize your studies and make sure that your part-time job doesn't interfere with your academic responsibilities. Balancing work and study is essential to getting the most out of your experience as a foreign student in Japan.

Here are some popular recruitment websites in Japan that you can use to search for part-time jobs:

  • リクナビNEXT ( This website provides a lot of information about jobs and recruitment from Japanese companies. You can search for jobs by industry, location and other criteria.
  • マイナビ ( Mynavi is one of the major recruitment websites in Japan, providing information about jobs from multinational companies and Japanese companies.
  • リクルートジョブズ ( Recruit Jobs provides job listings from Japanese companies in various fields such as IT, engineering, sales, accounting, and many other professions.
  • はたらいく ( Hataraku is a recruitment website that specializes in jobs for Japanese people. This website offers jobs from Japanese companies and provides useful information on job search.
  • DODA ( DODA is a major recruitment website in Japan. You can search for jobs by industry, location and location.

These are just some of the popular recruitment websites in Japan. You can also search through the websites of specific companies or search through other sources of information such as newspapers, social media, or directly contact businesses in your area of interest.

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