Japanese Vocabulary: Drink

Drinks are an interesting topic when learning Japanese, because it relates to delicious and rich drinks in Japanese culture. In this article, we will explore some Japanese vocabulary related to the topic "drinks".

Jul 4, 2023 - 14:47
Japanese Vocabulary: Drink
  1. 飲み物 (nomimono): Beverages
  2. お茶 (ocha): Tea
  3. コーヒー (koohii): Coffee
  4. 緑茶 (ryokucha): Green tea
  5. 紅茶 (koucha): Black tea
  6. ジュース (juusu): Juice
  7. 水 (mizu): Water
  8. お酒 (osake): Alcohol
  9. ビール (biiru): Beer
  10. ワイン (wain): Wine
  11. ソフトドリンク (sofuto dorinku): Soft drink
  12. スムージー (sumuujii): Smoothie
  13. ホットチョコレート (hotto chokoreeto): Hot chocolate
  14. カクテル (kakuteru): Cocktail
  15. アイスコーヒー (aisu koohii): Iced coffee

Also, here are some helpful phrases and sentences related to drinks:

  1. 注文をする (chuumon wo suru): Place an order
  2. メニューを見る (menyuu wo miru): Look at the menu
  3. テイクアウトする (teikuauto suru): Takeout, order to go
  4. アイスを頼む (aisu wo tanomu): Order ice cream
  5. ホットでお願いします (hotto de onegaishimasu): Please make it hot
  6. 甘い (amai): Sweet
  7. 辛い (karai): Spicy
  8. ミルクを加える (miruku wo kuwaeru): Add milk
  9. レモンを絞る (remon wo shiboru): Squeeze lemon
  10. 氷を入れる (koori wo ireru): Put ice in

Hopefully this article has helped you expand your Japanese vocabulary related to the topic of "drinks". Try using these words when you enjoy a drink in Japanese. Wish you have fun and delicious experiences!

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