Japanese Vocabulary: Weather

Here are some Japanese vocabulary related to the topic "Weather".

Jun 29, 2023 - 14:35
Japanese Vocabulary: Weather
  1. 天気 (tenki): Weather
  2. 晴れ (hare): Sunny
  3. 雨 (ame): Rain
  4. 雪 (yuki): Snow
  5. 曇り (kumori): Cloudy
  6. 雷電 (raiden): Thunder and lightning
  7. 霧 (kiri): Fog
  8. 霜 (shimo): Frost
  9. 風 (kaze): Wind
  10. 台風 (taifuu): Typhoon
  11. 温度 (ondo): Temperature
  12. 暑い (atsui): Hot
  13. 寒い (samui): Cold
  14. 涼しい (suzushii): Cool
  15. 気温 (kion): Air temperature
  16. 湿度 (shitsudo): Humidity
  17. 晴天 (seiten): Clear sky
  18. 天候 (tenkou): Weather (general term)
  19. 夕日 (yuuhi): Sunset
  20. 日差し (hizashi): Sunlight
  21. 梅雨 (tsuyu): Rainy season
  22. 風速 (fuusoku): Wind speed
  23. 紫外線 (shi-gaisen): Ultraviolet rays
  24. 湿度計 (shitsudo-kei): Hygrometer
  25. 晴れ間 (harema): Sunny intervals during rainy weather
  26. 霧雨 (kirisa): Drizzle
  27. 雷雨 (rai-u): Thunderstorm
  28. 雪国 (yukiguni): Snowy region
  29. 猛暑 (mousho): Intense heat
  30. 寒波 (kanpa): Cold wave
  31. 豪雨 (gouu): Heavy rain
  32. 霧笛 (furedi): Foghorn
  33. 沈む (shizumu): Sunset, sun setting
  34. 昇る (noboru): Sunrise, sun rising
  35. 凍る (kooru): Freeze, to be frozen

In addition, there are many other words related to weather such as season, clouds, dawn, pacific, tornado and more. This vocabulary will help you better describe and understand weather conditions and how to talk about weather in Japanese.

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