Must-try delicacies when coming to Hiroshima

Hiroshima is famous as a land that retains many historical sites recognized as world cultural heritages. Today, we will learn about the specialties that cannot be missed when coming here.

Mar 14, 2023 - 11:35
Mar 11, 2023 - 16:45
Must-try delicacies when coming to Hiroshima

1. Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki, also known as Okonomiyaki pancakes, is a typical and popular dish in Hiroshima. Okonomiyaki is a dish that uses flour that has mixed seafood and vegetable ingredients into water, then grilled on a Teppan grill, which can then be dipped with sauce to eat.

The original origin of Okonomiyaki was just a mixture of flour mixed with water, then poured a thin layer in a pan and grilled, then poured with pepper Miso soup. Later, people often mixed seafood with vegetables and then grilled, and they could grill with their favorite ingredients, so the name Okonomiyaki was born.

The special feature of this type of pancake from Hiroshima is that the cake is placed on the grill without mixing the flour with the ingredients, and is often sandwiched with many layers of cabbage and noodles in the filling. The filling usually includes: noodles, cabbage, pork belly, chicken eggs ... all wrapped by two layers of attractive golden toasted flour. Therefore, baking the cake is very difficult, it requires the chef's expertise to bake the cake neither overcooked nor overcooked.

2. Sea eel rice
Located near Itsukushima Shrine, which was designated a World Heritage Site in 1996, is the long-established Anagomeshi Ueno store established in 1901, which for generations has served as a source of eel rice. best. Anago Meshi sea eel rice is grilled eel that is golden brown and then placed on top of rice. A nutritious, familiar dish that visitors must definitely enjoy when coming to Miyajima.

What makes the dish delicious is probably the sauce. Each restaurant, restaurant, visitors will feel the taste of fish sauce is different, so the taste of the dish is completely different.

3. Onomichi Ramen
Local people attach great importance to this dish not only because of its taste but also because of the creativity and harmony of people when combining natural ingredients typical of this land.

People say that Onomichi Ramen bowls first appeared in the 1940s, but it wasn't until 1960 that this flavor completely conquered everyone. To this day, Onomichi Ramen has appeared many unique and breakthrough features in processing methods and methods, but still maintains and distills the most quintessential of traditional processing methods from the past.

Authentic Onomichi Ramen is a combination of stewed chicken or pork bones with soybeans, creating a sweet taste for the broth. Each strand of noodles is hand-kneaded from wheat flour, making them delicious, smooth and delicate. Then, the chef will blanch the noodles and pour the broth into a bowl and add key ingredients including fresh seafood caught from the Seto Inland Sea, pork or beef, eggs, and dark soy sauce, season with a little green onion or herbs. A greasy taste that will make you unable to miss it until the last minute.

4. Tempura Hormones
Everyone knows that Japan is famous for its deep-fried Tempura dishes made from seafood, vegetables, pork,... This is also a familiar dish to the people of Hiroshima. Normally, there are 5 types of Tempura Hormone featured here including Senmai (the third stomach of cows), Chigimo (beef liver), Hachinos (second stomach of cows), Bichi (the fourth stomach of cows). and white tempura (cow's first stomach). Why don't you try all 5 of these signature Tempura styles to feel what they are different from and choose the flavor that you think is the best.

5. Tantanmen noodles
Another noodle dish for visitors to Hiroshima is Tantanmen. Unlike Onomichi Ramen, which is served with broth, Tantanmen noodles are the opposite, not served with meat broth, that's why people also call this Tantanmen cold noodles.
This is considered a popular noodle dish, not too expensive, with a variety of flavors and easy to eat. It is the novelty and variety of flavors that are the biggest attraction for Tantanmen noodles. It's easy for chefs to create new flavors with different combinations of sauces and ingredients.

With traditional dishes of Tantanmen noodles, the ingredients are very simple including noodles, thick sauce, minced meat, green onions, and eggs. The sauce is what determines the unique flavor of the whole noodle dish. The way to eat is like eating spaghetti, you have to mix the noodles thoroughly so that the sauce penetrates evenly into each noodle, then mix more seasonings according to your preferences including pepper, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and water. sauce, chili sauce,...
Interestingly, most people recommend that we mix at least 300 times to fully enjoy the rich flavor in each noodle and feel the deliciousness of the dish.

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