What to eat when coming to Sapporo?

As the largest city located in the southwest of Hokkaido, Sapporo is also known as a young, European-style city.

Mar 11, 2023 - 16:14
Jun 10, 2024 - 17:34
What to eat when coming to Sapporo?

In addition to the typical natural scenery, cultural relics and the modernization of a young city, visitors are also attracted by the culinary arts from popular to high-class of this place.

1. Sapporo Ramen ~ Miso Ramen
Sapporo is said to be the hometown, the birthplace of Miso Ramen, so only in Sapporo city can we enjoy the typical traditional flavor of this noodle. Hearing the name, we can also guess the main ingredients and ingredients in this noodle dish, the highlight of which is the rich miso soup mixed with the sweet taste of bone broth, creating an irresistible flavor. It is said that the traditional recipe of Miso Ramen is a blend of miso with a little bit of lard, creating a rich taste that is also typical of cold regions.

The ramen noodles have a moderate thickness, ensuring enough toughness and smoothness as well as softness in each noodle. A traditional bowl of Miso Ramen noodles is usually served with bean sprouts or onions, creating a blend of vegetables and rich soup, combined with additional pieces of meat, green onions or eggs. Usually, the traditional broth will have two popular types, one that is not spicy and one that is spicy.

2. Genghis Khan grilled lamb specialty in Hokkaido
Genghis Khan means Genghis Khan - the name of a famous Mongol king, but in the cold land of Hokkaido, this is the name of a local traditional dish, which is grilled lamb. Grilled lamb and lamb appeared in Japan about 100 years ago, and it wasn't until 1930 that this dish began to become more popular with the people.

A special feature of this dish is that lamb maton (mature lamb) and ramu (young lamb) will be placed on an iron grill, protruding in the middle. Around and below will place vegetables such as onions, sweet corn, carrots, bamboo shoots,... Regular lamb will be marinated and seasoned first, so the scent will stimulate the senses. more of diners. It is known that the lamb is placed in the middle and on the top because when grilled, the fat from the meat will flow down and seep into the green vegetables below, so when enjoying, this makes the vegetables more delicious and richer.

3. Sushi ~ Seafood bowl
A dish that is considered typical of the country of the rising sun - Sushi, but when coming to Sapporo, visitors cannot ignore this popular dish. We can find sushi in many places, from luxury restaurants to affordable restaurants and even seafood markets. You can visit the exquisite conveyor belt sushi restaurant with a variety of beautifully sliced seafood flavors.

Or if you want to enjoy fresh seafood and feel the rhythm of the local people, go to the big seafood market. You will be surprised because in addition to selling all kinds of seafood, there are also restaurants right next to it for you to choose your favorite fresh seafood. A special feature is that they are often put together in a large sale and people often call it a seafood bowl.

4. Curry soup
Surely everyone is familiar with the world-famous curry dish, but curry soup must be unfamiliar to many tourists. True to its name, this is a curry-flavored soup, so they have a thick and viscous consistency. Sapporo is also the hometown of this special soup. After a boom in 2000, curry soup gradually became a favorite dish of the elite and the business world.

A standard bowl of curry soup will include bone broth and toppings including stewed chicken and vegetables such as pumpkin, corn, carrots, mushrooms, eggplant, bamboo shoots, etc. To evaluate curry soup , local people rely on a lot of criteria. The first is the rich taste, the consistency of the broth. The second is that the chicken must be stewed, so that just using a spoon can separate the meat easily. Third, the accompanying vegetables must not lose their distinctive flavor.

In addition to the traditional flavors, today, visitors can find a wide variety of curry soup flavors. As well as depending on the restaurant and the chef, the ingredients and processing methods are also very different, leading to a variety of flavors. Try it yourself and choose the flavor you like the most!

5. Grilled meat
In Hokkaido, the livestock industry is thriving, so it's not surprising that it produces so much beef, pork and chicken. Sapporo is the place where visitors can enjoy the finest and highest quality meat in Hokkaido. The most popular dish is grilled meat.

Fresh meat marinated and seasoned and put on the grill will give off a scent that we can't resist. Depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose your favorite meat such as beef, chicken, goat or pig. Each piece of meat is cut into small pieces, served with a dipping sauce that is soft, chewy and hot. At barbecue restaurants, guests can order additional side dishes such as rice, kimbap or soup.

6. Hokkaido Crab
A specialty that visitors can enjoy all year round in Hokkaido is crab meat. But the special thing is that, depending on the color, diners can enjoy different types of crabs. If it's autumn to winter, king crab is the best, snow crab and Hanasaki crab from spring to summer, and horsehair crab is served year-round.

King crab is a large crab with many spines and the longer it is, the larger the size. When they are steamed, a bright orange-red color catches the eye, the crab meat is very sweet and delicious, voted by everyone as the sweetest crab species. Also because of the nutrients and excellent taste they bring, the cost of this crab or the dishes made from them is not cheap.

Spring to summer is the peak season for snow crabs. They are smaller in size than king crab, but the taste of crab meat and crab bricks is also very attractive, visitors should definitely not miss. Besides, there are also Hanasaki crabs, the most recognizable feature is that they have a lot of sharp spines in the carapace. Hanasaki crabs are caught off the coast of Nemuro in Hokkaido . Finally, there are hairy crabs, as the name suggests, they have hair covering most of their body. This is also the smallest crab species among the three types of crabs mentioned above.

7. Parfait
Parfait is a famous dessert originating from France, dating back to 1894. Unlike other desserts, Parfait does not have a certain recipe, on the contrary, it has many versions. Different variations are very attractive depending on the country and region. Traditional French parfait is made from a combination of cold cream, eggs and syrup.

In Sapporo, there is even a culture that after drinking alcohol or eating a main meal, people must eat at least one piece of Parfait. Visitors can find Parfait glasses made as simple as those of fresh cream, more exotic and Parfait combined with fresh fruit and wine, cakes, red beans, green beans,...

8. Sweet Chocolate Souvenir
The last dish on today's list will surely be loved by many diners and suitable as a gift for loved ones - Chocolate. In Sapporo, visitors can find many cafes, and in addition to extremely nutritious and delicious drinks, Chocolate bars with many different designs and forms will surely attract you. There are even shops specializing in providing high-class Chocolate, combined with many types of nuts and with a unique, pure flavor.

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