Mt. Fuji Rouson and manners measures

May 22, 2024 - 17:19
Mt. Fuji Rouson and manners measures
Image source: Yahoo! News

In front of the Lawson Kawaguchiko Ekimae Store in Fujikawaguchi Lake, Yamanashi Prefecture, the number of tourists shooting the scenery of Mt. Fuji and convenience stores has increased, and the manners violation has become a problem. Tourists gathered at this spot to take photos that "shine" on SNS, but frequent garbage litter, unauthorized parking, cross -road crossing occurred, causing annoying local residents and stores.

The town has set up a black curtain of about 2.5 meters high and about 20 meters wide to solve this problem. This aims to avoid shooting and prevent accidents and troubles. Local residents also understand this measure and accept it as an unavoidable decision to ensure safety.

Despite this countermeasure, some tourists are moving in search of new shooting spots, and we need to continue to improve manners.

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