Discover the beauty of autumn in Nagano and Niigata Japan

If you want to explore the beauty of Japan's autumn in Nagano and Niigato, it takes a little more effort to climb the mountain to see the scenery.

Dec 30, 2022 - 08:52
May 17, 2024 - 12:10
Discover the beauty of autumn in Nagano and Niigata Japan

The Nagano Mountains, home to many of Japan's highest mountains, are a prime destination for mountain resorts and hot springs. Niigata has pristine coastal plains, nestled among mountainous terrain covered in autumn colors.

1. Nagano City, Japan's Longest Life Expectancy
About an hour and a half from Tokyo by shinkansen, Nagano is the starting point for the beautiful surrounding mountainous areas such as Hakuba, Togakushi and Shiga Kogen.

A special thing is that the people of Nagano have the longest life expectancy in Japan, this is attributed to their daily diet. Coming to Nagano you will get to try traditional and healthy Japanese dishes such as shinshu soba (buckwheat noodles), fermented foods (such as natto and miso), mushrooms and wild vegetables picked from the surrounding mountains …

2. See the beautiful autumn foliage in Matsumoto City
Another great place to see the beautiful fall foliage is Matsumoto City. Matsumoto, the second largest city in Nagano Prefecture, can be reached via the Azusa or Super Azusa express trains from Shinjuku Station, which usually takes about two and a half hours. From this city, you can visit Kamikochi and Wasabi Daio farm.

3. Go to Niigata to enjoy sushi and sake
Located along the coast of Japan, the city of Niigata is one of the leading rice producers in Japan. It is also a popular place for travelers looking to venture into the nearby mountainous areas. Niigata city can be reached from Tokyo in two hours by shinkansen train. From Niigata you can go to Yahiko Park to see the autumn leaves.

As the leading rice producer in Japan, Niigata cuisine features many rice-related dishes such as sake and senbei (rice cakes). Niigata is also Japan's number one sake producer. Furthermore, due to its coastal location, Niigata is famous for its fresh seafood.

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