Travel to Japan to experience the Setsugekka train

Summer is here, let's travel to Japan with Injavi to experience the luxurious Echigo Tokimeki Setsugekka train ride, enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the unique cuisine of Niigata!

May 8, 2022 - 10:10
May 17, 2024 - 12:13
Travel to Japan to experience the Setsugekka train

The Setsugekka train runs through 3 stations: Joetsu Myoko - Myokokogen Station - Itogawa Station. So you can enjoy the beautiful view of the coast of Japan and the magnificent Myoko mountain range from the window. The special thing is that the entire rail and partition between the carriages are made of glass, so you can easily admire the scenery on both sides.

More interestingly,  Take the Setsugekka Train when traveling to Japan at any time of the year, you can admire the typical natural scenery in each season. The majestic natural scenery in Niigata from the train's windows will give you a different feeling.

Japanese spring landscape with rows of cherry blossom trees swaying in the wind. Summer with the cool green of the trees and leaves of the vast green fields stretching to the foot of the mountain in the distance. Autumn with leaves dyed red from the mountains in the distance. And in winter, the train runs in a white space no less mysterious.

The train only runs twice (morning and afternoon) every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, so the menu is also divided: the breakfast is a French meal prepared by a 2-Michelin-star chef; Afternoon trip is Japanese food served by famous Japanese restaurant in Niigata. The ingredients of the dish are all fresh locally harvested, so you will feel the freshest flavors when enjoying the dishes.

In addition, the stopping time at each station is about 10~20 minutes, you can follow the guide to listen to interesting stories at each station, or you can also walk around the station and buy specialty gifts by Niigata.

Before the train ends, the staff will give you a small gift package as a souvenir for the journey. The package includes Koshi Hikari rice grown in the Kuwatori region and Castella cakes made by Itagogawa's egg shop "Feleg Cafe & Suites".

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