5 must-visit check-in points in Kawaguchiko - Visit in Japan

Kawaguchiko is a resort located quite close to Tokyo, Japan. Located at the foot of Fuji - the largest mountain in Japan, is the center of the Fuji Five Lakes area, charming with 4-season natural scenery and unique fun activities.

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May 17, 2024 - 12:19
5 must-visit check-in points in Kawaguchiko - Visit in Japan

Attracting millions of tourists with its extremely charming natural scenery, especially the large clear lake, and a variety of resort activities.

The most favorite probably cannot fail to mention the large Lake Kawaguchi and the majestic view of Mount Fuji in the distance. Around the lake are countless restaurants, hotels, eateries, entertainment venues, etc. Another attraction is that it is quite close by bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo to this place, only takes about 1 and a half hours.

5 things to enjoy in Kawaguchiko
Take pictures of Mount Fuji
The first is Kawaguchiko Enkei Hall on the north side of the lake. Around this area is the most ideal location to check-in the scenery of Mount Fuji and the famous bridge of Lake Kawaguchi.

Next is Oishi Park located on the west bank. Here you can conveniently admire Mount Fuji in the distance and Lake Kawaguchi and freely admire the flower fields that change with each season. Especially if you come here in June - July, you will enjoy walking while taking pictures with the purple lavender flowers blooming brightly.

Cable car Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway
The most interesting thing is probably from the cable car Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway you will be able to see the whole Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi harmoniously from a very different perspective. This cable car takes you to Mount Tenjo, the setting of the fairy tale “Kachi Kachi Yama”

Sitting in the cable car to relax and admire the scenery, you will wish the travel time would slow down a bit. Mount Fuji with breathtaking panoramic views has never been so majestic, including the foothills. Don't forget to stop by “Tenjo no Kane” (Bell of Heaven) extremely popular photo spot with its stylized heart-shaped bell frame. If you are tired, stop by “Tanuki Tea House” and try some snacks like Dango or Matcha Float…!

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
Even if the weather is not so perfect, you can still fully visit the “Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum“, with buildings designed in Western European style set in a large garden

The museum has many interesting things to explore such as a gallery of large musical instruments that were intended to be used in the construction of the Titanic, or participate in a sand music show - telling stories by sandstone painting art. match with music – take place regularly 3 times a day,…

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the colorful rose garden, the garden is extremely beautiful with 720 varieties of roses blooming in June.

Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
The place received 3 stars from the Michelin travel guide site in 2009

The main building will overwhelm visitors with its traditional Japanese architecture, which displays the famous works of talented hand-dyed artist Itchiku Kubota. Itsuchi Kubota is a person who revived the long-lost tsujigahana dyeing technique with his natural ability and understanding. In addition, you will surely enjoy visiting the glass beads exhibition place, tea room, museum shop.

In particular, the outdoor natural space is also an interesting point of the museum. You will be delighted, bursting with joy when you drop your soul into a traditional Japanese garden designed in harmony between nature and human hands. The scenery here changes according to the four seasons, every autumn, everywhere is covered with a brilliant carpet of red leaves.

Fuji-Q Highland
The amusement park is extremely popular with young people at home and abroad. The most interesting here are the ultra-modern thrilling games and roller coasters recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records by speed, altitude and turns like Takabisha, FUJIYAMA, Eejanaika, etc.

Experiencing all the famous games such as haunted house, giant maze, La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa house is designed according to the main idea like a French picture book. There is also a hotel and restaurant on the premises to rest after the fun.

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