Fountain pen

A fountain pen (Mannen Hin) is a writing instrument that has a built -in ink and supplies ink from a pen tip. The history of a fountain pen is old and appeared for the first time in the late 19th century, but it is still loved by many people from its own writing taste and design.

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Fountain pen

The first fountain pen has been doing a lot of trial and error until a mechanism to hold the ink inside the pen and supply smoothly from the pen tip. In 1884, Luis Edson Waterman of the United States invented a fountain pen close to the current form and obtained a patent. His fountain pen adopted a unique feed system that makes the ink from overflowing, which drastically improves the reliability of the fountain pen.

Fountain pen structure
Fountain pen is mainly composed of the following parts:

  • Pen tip: It is often made of gold or stainless steel, affecting the width and writing comfort.
  • Feed (supply device): The part that supplies the ink to the pen tip and plays a role in connecting a pen tip and ink tank.
  • Ink tank: There are cartridge type and converter type. The cartridge type uses disposable ink cartridges, and the converter type can replenish the ink from the ink bottle.
  • Cap: A lid to protect the pen tip and prevent ink drying.

The charm of a fountain pen
The biggest attraction of a fountain pen lies in its writing comfort. The pen tip moves like slipping on the surface of the paper, and you can write smooth and beautiful characters. In addition, it is also evaluated that the hand is hard to get tired even with long writing.

Furthermore, fountain pen is popular as a collection item because of its design and material diversity. From luxury brands to custom -made fountain pen, there are unique products in the market.

How to choose a fountain pen
When choosing a fountain pen, it is important to choose the one that suits your writing style and purpose. You should pay attention to the following points:

  • The material and shape of the pen tip: The gold pen tip is soft and has a smooth writing comfort. On the other hand, stainless steel pen tip is durable.
  • Character width: Let's choose according to your preference, such as fine characters (F), medium characters (m), bold (b), etc.
  • Ink replenishment method: The cartridge type is easy and convenient, but the converter type has the pleasure of freely choosing the type of ink.
  • Design and comfort: Because it is used every day, the design and weight that fits into your hands is also an important point.

Fountain pen maintenance
In order to use a fountain pen for a long time, regular maintenance is required. Make sure that the ink does not dry, and when not in use, close the cap and keep it. It is also important to wash it regularly with water to prevent ink clogging.

The fountain pen is a writing instrument that is practical but has both beauty and personality. If you choose appropriately and maintain, you can use it for many years. Please experience the unique charm of a fountain pen.

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