Autumn leaves fishing: Enjoy autumn nature

Autumn leaves fishing is a special experience where you can enjoy fishing and the beauty of nature at the same time. Why don't you enjoy fishing in the rich nature while enjoying the autumn leaves in autumn?

May 23, 2024 - 10:36
May 23, 2024 - 10:36
Autumn leaves fishing: Enjoy autumn nature
Image source: 埼玉新聞

As the autumn deepens, the mountains are colored with beautiful autumn leaves. This season is special for fishing enthusiasts. Autumn leaves fishing is a wonderful outdoor activity that not only fishes fish but also enjoys the beauty of nature.

What is autumn leaves fishing?

Autumn leaves fishing is the fishing that is performed during the autumn leaves. It is especially popular where you can see autumn leaves around the river and lake. The fishing spot is surrounded by autumn leaves, making fishing itself special. The red and yellow leaves reflected on the water create a fantastic landscape, deepening fishing.

Recommended autumn leaves fishing spots

  1. Yoshinoyama, Nara Prefecture: Famous as a famous spot for autumn leaves, many tourists visit in the fall. In the Yoshino River, you can enjoy trout fishing.
  2. Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture: In this area where beautiful autumn leaves and clear streams spread, you can aim for cherry blossoms and yamame trout.
  3. Oze, Gunma Prefecture: Oze, where you can enjoy vast nature and autumn leaves, is also popular as a fishing spot. It is known for catching rainbow trout and char.

Autumn leaves fishing is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, not just fish. The time spent in a beautiful scenery will refresh your mind. It is also recommended to enjoy with friends and family.

Preparation in advance is important to enjoy autumn leaves fishing. First, let's check the time when the autumn leaves are in full bloom. Usually, October to November peaks. Also, don't forget to prepare for fishing equipment. Autumn fishing ground is low, so it is necessary to prevent cold weather.

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