Japanese vocabulary about types of nutritional ingredients

Here, Injavi would like to share with you a group of Japanese vocabulary about the most basic types of nutritional ingredients (栄養成分). You can know what kind of medicine or functional food, what vitamins you use.

Dec 9, 2022 - 13:31
Jun 13, 2023 - 16:49
Japanese vocabulary about types of nutritional ingredients

All kinds of nutritional ingredients are mainly transliterated katakana from English, so the root word of many words is only available in English.

Japanese English
カロリー / エネルギー calories
タンパク質(タンパクしつ) protein
脂質(ししつ) lipid
炭水化物(たんすいかぶつ) carbohydrate
食物繊維(しょくもつせんい) dietary fiber
糖質(とうしつ) sugar
コレステロール cholesterol
鉄(てつ) iron
カルシウム calcium/canxi
ビタミンA vitamin A
ビタミンB vitamin B
ビタミンC vitamin C
ビタミンD vitamin D
ビタミンE vitamin E
ビタミンK vitamin K
マグネシウム magnesium
ナトリウム natrium
ミネラル minerals
ナイアシン niacin
ビオチン biotin
葉酸(ようさん) folic acid
パントテン酸(パントテンさん) pantothenic acid
リン rin

Hopefully, this article of Injavi provides you with necessary and useful information for those of you who are learning Japanese, preparing for the JLPT exam.

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