Things to know when changing jobs in Japan

Changing jobs is an important and potentially challenging decision in anyone's career. When you are planning to change jobs in Japan, there are a few things to keep in mind and the necessary procedures to ensure a smooth transition.

Jun 10, 2023 - 17:09
Things to know when changing jobs in Japan

Here are some important things you need to know when changing jobs in Japan:

1. Basic documents and procedures to work in Japan

  • Valid Visa: Your work visa needs to be valid until the expiration date indicated on your residence card. The work visa is not related to the company applying for your visa, so if you have a work visa, you are still allowed to work in Japan for the duration stated on the visa.
  • Visa type: If the new job has a different visa than the old job, you need to apply for a new visa that is appropriate for the type of work you will be doing.
  • Notify the immigration office: You need to notify the immigration office as soon as possible, up to 14 days after leaving your old company. You can send the notice by post or in person at the immigration office.
  • 3-month term: After leaving your job, you have 3 months to find a new job. If you do not find a new job within this period, your visa may be revoked and you may have to return to your home country.
  • However, if you are in Japan on a non-work-related status of stay, you do not need to worry about this.

2. Prepare before changing jobs
Besides preparing documents and procedures, you should also consider the following factors before changing jobs in Japan:

  • How long to stay with a company: In Japan, people tend to want employees to stay with the company for a long time. Changing jobs too quickly and too often can affect an employer's assessment of stability
  • Research about the new company: Do thorough research about the new company you want to move to, including the field of operation, company culture, working regime and career development opportunities. This helps you ensure that the new company aligns with your goals and desires.
  • Discuss your decision with your current employer: Before changing jobs, discuss your decision with your current employer. Provide detailed information and reasons for the decision to transfer and try to create a good agreement with the company to ensure that all transfer procedures go smoothly.
  • Consider new salary and terms: When changing jobs, consider the new salary and terms the new company offers. Compare with current salary and terms to make sure you get a fair deal and improve your career.
  • Networking: When switching jobs, your networking may become more important than ever. Maintain good relationships with former colleagues and employers, and build new networks in the new company for additional opportunities and support in your career.
  • Prepare and adapt: Changing jobs can bring new changes and challenges. Be mentally prepared and ready to adapt to the new environment, work and requirements. Be open and flexible to integrate and achieve success in your new job.

Changing jobs can provide opportunities for growth and advancement in your career. However, consider carefully and fully prepare before making this decision. Wish you success in your career!

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