Special delicacies in Hiroshima - Visit in Japan

Hiroshima is also known for its local delicacies, and due to their popularity, visitors may have a chance even if they aren't particularly looking.

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May 17, 2024 - 12:12
Special delicacies in Hiroshima - Visit in Japan

Popular places to eat in the city include the area around Hiroshima Station and downtown Hiroshima. Here is a list of Hiroshima's specialty dishes

Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima style

The most famous dish of Hiroshima city is Okonomiyaki. The dish is characterized by a thin layer of dough and a generous amount of cabbage on top of the yakisoba noodles. Popular ingredients include oysters, squid, and cheese. The dish is completed with bonito flakes, green laver and okonomiyaki sauce. A large number of okonomiyaki restaurants are found in Okonomimura and around Hiroshima Station.


Hiroshima Prefecture has oysters that account for about 60-70% of Japan's oyster production. Oysters produced in the region are consumed domestically and transported abroad. Oysters are offered at many dining establishments in Hiroshima and Miyajima such as restaurants, food stalls and inns.


These are cakes baked in the shape of maple leaves with a sweet red bean paste. The famous dessert was created in Miyajima in the early 1900s as a local specialty to represent Momijidani, a popular maple leaf viewing spot. They used to be handmade one by one, but have been made by machine since the momijimanju machine was born.


Hiroshima-style tsukemen are cold noodles dipped in a sauce that is seasoned with red peppers before being eaten. It is known for its characteristic spiciness. Customers can usually choose how spicy they want on a scale of one to five (or similar). The larger the number, the spicier the sauce.

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