Mt. Fuji

Jun 14, 2024 - 16:25
Jun 10, 2024 - 16:30
Mt. Fuji
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Mt. Fuji is a symbolic mountain representing Japan, and is the highest in Japan at an altitude of 3,776 meters. Mt. Fuji is known for its beautiful conical mountain, and its appearance shows different expressions throughout the four seasons.

Especially in the spring, the cherry blossoms, along the blue sky in the summer, along with the autumn leaves in the fall, and the snow makeup in winter, are attractive.

Mt. Fuji has long been worshiped not only for its beauty but also for religion. There is a shrine on the summit, and many climbers climb in the summer to worship the light. There are many bus tours up to the fifth station and sightseeing spots such as Fuji Five Lakes around Mt.

In 2013, it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and its value has been recognized internationally. Mt. Fuji is a symbol of nature and culture in Japan, and is a place that impresses visitors.

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