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Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume and a unique cultural heritage with a thousand years of history.

Kimono is known for its beautiful design and colorful pattern, with seasonal flowers, landscapes, and traditional patterns. In particular, it is often worn at special events such as weddings, adult ceremony, tea ceremony, and flower arrangements, and in that case, specific accessories such as obi and sandals are essential.

Kimono dressing requires advanced skills and time, and there are schools and classrooms to learn traditional methods.

In recent years, popularity among tourists and young people has grown again, and many kimonos with rental kimono services and modern design have been seen. Especially in sightseeing spots such as Kyoto and Asakusa, you can walk around the city wearing kimonos.

In addition, kimonos are loved by people around the world as a symbol of Japanese culture. It adapts to modern society by adopting a new style while protecting the tradition.

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