Carp streamer

Jun 18, 2024 - 12:23
Carp streamer
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Koi streamer is a traditional Japanese tradition and is listed on May 5 every year. The carp streamer is a colorful flag in the shape of a carp, and is highly raised in the garden and the veranda of the house, and the wind is beautiful. This custom has the meaning of wishing children's health and growth.

Koi symbolizes strength and success from the Chinese legend of climbing the waterfall and becoming a dragon. For this reason, the carp streamer is raised to wish for the healthy growth and success of the boy. Usually, carps that represent the composition of the family, such as large black carp (true carp), red carp (scarlet carp), and blue carp are raised.

Carp streamers are found throughout Japan, especially in rural and tourist destinations. In these festivals, hundreds to hundreds to thousands of carp streamer are raised all at once, expanding spectacular scenery.

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