What if I need medical care while studying in Japan?

Studying abroad in Japan is a wonderful learning and cultural experience. However, in the process of studying abroad, health and medical care is also an important factor.

Jun 29, 2023 - 11:47
What if I need medical care while studying in Japan?

Below Injavi Health will give some useful tips and information for you to take care of your health while studying abroad in Japan.

1. Health insurance
Before studying abroad, check to see if you have the right health insurance. If not, find out or ask the school to buy a medical insurance package for international students, which covers basic medical expenses, medical examination, and emergency.

2. Register with the hospital or clinic
You can find out and sign up with a hospital or clinic near where you live. This will make it easier for you to access medical services when you need them. Be aware that the help of your predecessors will be very helpful in finding a good hospital or clinic. Also you can search for hospital or clinic on Injavi Health.

3. School health care service
Many universities and colleges in Japan have healthcare services for international students. Find out about and take advantage of these services, including routine checkups, wellness consultations, and medical support.

4. Capture basic medical information
Learn and grasp basic medical information such as emergency phone numbers (dial 119), the address and contact information of the nearest hospital, and medicines needed in an emergency.

5. Daily health care
Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and maintaining good personal hygiene.

6. Learn about cultural health
Learn about Japan's medical culture so that you can understand and adapt to the habits and rules in the medical field.

7. Periodic health check
Get regular checkups to monitor your health and catch any medical problems early.

8. Update medical information
Follow the latest medical information and instructions from government health authorities or medical representatives in Japan to stay up to date on the latest medical regulations and precautions.

9. Medical consultation
If you have a medical problem or need health advice, seek medical advice or advice at your school or local health facility.

Medical care while studying in Japan is very important to ensure you have a successful study abroad experience and stay healthy. Always take care of your health and seek support when needed. You can search for hospitals or clinics on Injavi Health to best prepare for your healthcare.

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