Japanese Vocabulary: Illness

Here are some Japanese words related to the topic "Sickness":

Jul 1, 2023 - 09:17
Japanese Vocabulary: Illness
  1. 病気 (byouki): Illness
  2. 症状 (shoujou): Symptoms
  3. 発熱する (hatsunetsu suru): Fever
  4. 咳 (seki): Cough
  5. 鼻水 (hanamizu): Runny nose
  6. 喉の痛み (nodo no itami): Sore throat
  7. 頭痛 (zutsuu): Headache
  8. 腹痛 (fukutsuu): Stomachache
  9. 吐き気 (hakike): Nausea
  10. 下痢 (geri): Diarrhea
  11. 嘔吐 (outo): Vomiting
  12. 傷 (kizu): Wound
  13. 手術 (shujutsu): Surgery
  14. 病院 (byouin): Hospital
  15. 医師 (ishi): Doctor
  16. 看護師 (kangoshi): Nurse
  17. 診察室 (shinsatsu-shitsu): Examination room
  18. 薬 (kusuri): Medicine
  19. 処方箋 (shohousen): Prescription
  20. 予防接種 (yobou sesshu): Vaccination
  21. 疾患 (shikkan): Disease
  22. 予後 (yogo): Prognosis
  23. 感染症 (kansen-shou): Infectious disease
  24. 免疫力 (meneki-ryoku): Immune system
  25. 予防 (yobou): Prevention
  26. 隔離 (kakuri): Isolation
  27. 体温計 (taion-kei): Thermometer
  28. 血圧計 (ketsuatsu-kei): Blood pressure monitor
  29. 睡眠不足 (suimin-fusoku): Sleep deprivation
  30. ストレス (sutoresu): Stress
  31. 健康診断 (kenkou-shindan): Health check-up
  32. 予約 (yoyaku): Appointment
  33. 医療保険 (iryou-hoken): Health insurance
  34. 保健所 (hokenjo): Public health center
  35. 適応症 (tekio-shou): Indications

In addition, there are many other words related to diseases such as patients, tests, treatments, specific symptoms of each disease and more. This vocabulary will help you understand and use disease-related terms in Japanese. However, if you have a health problem, always seek professional medical advice and care from a doctor or medical staff.

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