Discover yourself

Below is a quiz to help you better understand your personality. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Choose a single answer for each question.

May 15, 2024 - 10:43

1. When you go to a party, you usually:

a. Talk to lots of people, even people you don't know yet.
b. Usually chat with a few close friends.
c. Often find a quiet corner and observe people.

2. When working in groups, you like:

a. Be the operator and make the decisions.
b. Give feedback and follow the instructions of others.
c. Work independently and complete your work.

3. When you encounter a problem, you often:

a. Seek help from others.
b. Think and solve problems on your own.
c. Avoid and wait for the problem to resolve itself.

4. In your daily activities, you often:

a. Make a detailed plan and stick to it.
b. Have a general plan but be flexible to change.
c. Don't plan, work on inspiration.

5. When faced with pressure, you often:

a. Find ways to relax and relieve stress immediately.
b. Keep working and try to complete the task.
c. Feeling very anxious and distracted.

6. What time of day do you like to work the most?

a. Morning.
b. Afternoon.
c. Evening.

7. When shopping, you often:

a. Shop as soon as you see something you like.
b. Compare prices and consider carefully before buying.
c. Only shop when necessary.

8. Which way of learning do you prefer?

a. Practice and direct experience.
b. Read books and study documents.
c. Discuss and exchange with others.

9. When making decisions, you often rely on:

a. Emotions and intuition.
b. Logical reasoning and analysis.
c. Opinions of others.

10. You often feel more comfortable when:

a. Be in a vibrant and bustling environment.
b. Stay in a quiet and comfortable environment.
c. Change the environment depending on your mood.
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