Dango - Famous Japanese food

Referring to the cuisine of Japan, we often mention sushi, sashimi, tempura or sake,... Maybe you don't know, there is a long-standing traditional Japanese cake that is very popular - Dango.

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Dango - Famous Japanese food
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Dango - Famous Japanese food
Dango - Famous Japanese food
Dango - Famous Japanese food
Dango - Famous Japanese food
Dango - Famous Japanese food

1. Dango - Famous Snacks
Dango is a traditional Japanese cake that is about 400 years old. Dango is quite similar to Vietnamese floating cakes, because they are made with rice flour - Mochiko and are mixed and kneaded with hot water to create traditional round cubes. Dango is usually molded and then skewered on bamboo skewers, about 3~5 cakes on a skewer.

Dango has a long history of formation and development, they are derived from Danki cake - originating from China and introduced to Japan 1,300 years ago. Danki are round cakes, also made from rice flour, used for the purpose of worshiping Buddhist gods.

It is said that the first Dango cake appeared in Japan at a tea house in the Kyoto area called Kami Kitarashi. The name Dango comes from the similarity of traditional Japanese dumplings, along with the pure water used to make cakes from the Mitarashi River.

2. Types of Dango
There are many types of Dango with a variety of fillings and flavors for visitors to freely choose and enjoy. Let's take a look at some of the most famous Dango cakes in the land of cherry blossoms:

  • Anko Dango: is a typical Dango cake filled with red beans, red beans will be pureed and cooked, then mixed with sugar to increase the sweetness in the cake. A layer of signature red sauce will be sprinkled evenly on the skewers.
  • Mitarashi Dango: This is a cake that is very suitable for those who are on a diet, eat less sugar and less sweet because of its light, light taste but not too sweet. A thick layer of soy sauce will cover the outside of the cake, helping to create both sweetness and saltiness, a perfect combination.
  • Chadango: For tourists who love the taste of green tea, Chadango is the flavor not to be missed. Dango cake is mixed with green tea powder, creating a unique flavor and eye-catching green color, not only that, sprinkled on top of the cake is the familiar red bean flavor.
  • Bocchan Dango: A unique combination with each piece of cake on the skewer will be a different taste. Normally, Bocchan Dango will only have three typical colors for three flavors including: red, blue and yellow. The red color is the taste of red bean cake, the green color is the green tea cake, and the yellow color is the greasy egg flavor.
  • Hanami Dango: A typical cake flavor during the cherry blossom season - Hanami Dango is a combination of three colors including pink, blue and white, symbolizing the fresh cherry blossoms. Sipping sweet skewers along with fragrant cups of green tea is an interesting experience for visitors when watching cherry blossoms bloom.
  • Kusa Dango: A cake with a rather special flavor, in the process of kneading the dough, people will marinate with a type of leaf called Yomogi - Japanese mugwort. It is this combination that creates a unique substance in the flavor of the cake, which is both light and sweet.
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