Culinary Introduction in Osaka

Osaka, one of Japan's major cities, is not only an economic and cultural center but also a place worth enjoying great food.

Mar 1, 2023 - 11:38
May 20, 2024 - 09:39
Culinary Introduction in Osaka

If you love Japanese food, let's explore Osaka's signature dishes and unique food venues.

One of Osaka's most famous dishes is takoyaki, a fried egg tart with a piece of octopus inside. The cake is covered with the signature sauce and sprinkled with dried seaweed. There are many different takoyaki shops in Osaka, but one of the most famous places to enjoy it is Takoyaki Juhachiban, a popular shop in central Osaka.

Okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake made with flour, eggs, vegetables, and assorted meat or seafood is not to be missed. Okonomiyaki is served with okonomiyaki sauce, lettuce, dried seaweed and dried shrimp. Okonomiyaki eateries are popular in Osaka and one of the most famous is Okonomiyaki Chitose, a small restaurant in the Chuo district.

Another typical Osaka dish is kushikatsu, a type of meat or seafood that is inserted into a bamboo stick and deep-fried. The most popular types of kushikatsu are pork, shrimp, salmon, mushrooms, and potatoes. Ponzu sauce is used to season kushikatsu and is usually served with fresh vegetables and rice. Kushikatsu plays an important role in Osaka's cuisine and there are many kushikatsu shops throughout the city. One of the popular places to enjoy kushikatsu is Daruma, a chain of stores with multiple branches in Osaka.

In addition, Osaka has many other unique food places such as shops specializing in sushi, ramen and street food. One of the popular areas to enjoy street food is the Shinsaibashi area, with its cheap and delicious eateries.

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