Barbershop in Japan

Japan is a country famous for attaching importance to appearance and emphasizing fashion. In particular, they often take care of their hair by going to the salon to have it cut, dyed or styled.

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Barbershop in Japan
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Therefore, whether in rural or urban areas, beauty salons "sprout like mushrooms". At a regular salon, you will have to pay 5,000 ~ 12,000 yen for a hairdo. In addition, to save money, you can also go to 1,000 yen barber shops with a cutting speed of only about 10 minutes and relatively good quality. Japanese barber shops also have a full range of beauty services such as cutting, curling, dyeing, straightening, shampooing or trimming eyebrows.

An important part of a hair salon in Japan is the attentive service and welcoming attitude of the professionals. They not only beautify, but also help you relax and chat. If you have the opportunity to live in Japan, you should not miss this exciting experience. Who knows, you'll have a new hairstyle you like with a little understanding of Japanese beauty style!

Learn some useful Japanese phrases when entering a hair salon
★ For women, a hair salon or beauty salon is called (biyoin), which has a similar pronunciation to (byoin) - hospital, so people often get confused between the two words. . As for men, there are two words for barbershop: 床屋 (toko-ya) or 散髪屋 (sanpatsu-ya). The person who cuts your hair is usually called 理容師 (riyoshi), which means hairdresser or barber.

★ Many hair salons in Japan will have a list of prices, but when you want to ask the price, you can ask: カットはいくらですか (Katto wa ikura desu ka) - How much does a haircut cost?.

★ Anywhere you go to get a haircut, you will also be asked familiar questions by the hairdresser, such as:

  • 今日はどうしますか (Kyo wa dou shimasu ka) - What hairstyle would you like to do today?
  • 長さはどうしますか (Nagasa wa dou shimasu ka) - How long do you want your hair to be?

To answer the above questions, you should "pocket" some basic vocabulary as follows: 髪 (kami) - hair, 切る (kiru) - cut, 短い (mijikai) - short, 長い (nagai) - long , 前髪 (maegami) - bangs. However, to make the conversation longer and more lively, instead of using single words, you can say slightly longer sentences like:

  • 髪を切ってください (Kami wo kitte kudasai) - Please cut my hair
  • 5センチぐらい切ってください (Go-senchi gurai kitte kudasai) - Cut about 5cm
  • 前髪を切ってください (Maegami wo kitte kudasai) - Cut my bangs
  • もっと短くしてください (Motto mijikaku shite kudasai) - Please make it shorter
  • すいてください (Suite kudasai) - Please cut my hair thinner.

★ There is a very simple but effective way to have a satisfactory hair model that is when you go to the store, all you need to do is just pull out a photo of your hair sample and ask:

  • この写真のようにしてください (Kono shashin no you ni shite kudasai) - Please cut my hair like in this photo.

★ In case you don't know which hairstyle suits you and want to let your stylist decide, you can say: おまかせしま (Omakase shimasu) - Thanks to you.

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