Try fishing in Japan

Japan is inherently an arc-shaped island country with a dense system of rivers, streams and lakes.

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Try fishing in Japan

Besides, the four sides are surrounded by the sea, so since ancient times, Japanese people's activities and lives have been mainly associated with the sea.
Since prehistoric Jomon, people have known to create rudimentary fishing tools from animal horns and bones to catch fish, serving daily necessities. Until the 17th century, fishing became a hobby of the Japanese people, originating from the samurai. At that time, the Japanese Civil War, also known as the Sengoku Warring States period, ended, the country was peaceful, the samurai did not have to go to war.

To kill idle time, they began to think of many entertainments. Fishing is an example. And today, for those who love fishing and tourists who want to experience this exciting activity, Tokyo will be the right city for us to satisfy our passion and learn about cultural beauties through fun. this "elegant". In Tokyo, there are private clubs, shops equipped with professional fishing gear to serve the needs of visitors.

Visitors are unlikely to be required to obtain a license to fish in areas where fishing, whether saltwater or freshwater fishing, is in Japan, except for fishing activities because commercial purposes. However, most of the fishing in the lakes requires visitors to get permission. This permit is also quite easy to create the best conditions for visitors, we can buy from fishing tackle shops to convenience stores near the lake area.

Most freshwater fishing sites in Tokyo are lakes and ponds. In which, there are main types such as sea bass, bluefin fish, carp or salmon. Among the types of salmon, there are two main species originating from Japan, the Yamame salmon and the Iwana fish. They can be found in streams and rivers at the foot of the mountain.

The fishing season in Tokyo usually runs from the first week of March to the end of September. This is the time during spring and summer so the weather is suitable for fishing. In addition, this is also the right time for the spawning of fish species, so the quantity and quality of fish that tourists can catch is also very diverse. different. Visitors should check and look up the information thoroughly before fishing.

Indispensable equipment for fishing trips:

  • Fishing rod and reel(釣り竿&リール): this is an indispensable duo in any fishing activity. With prices ranging from 1,500-2,000 yen in Japan. While the fishing rod requires compaction, high elasticity, and certainty, the reel must meet the requirements of thin, light, and good bearing.
  • Fishing hook (fishing hook)フック(エクストラ): A tool for hooking fishing lures. However, depending on the type of bait, we have different hooks to suit each type of fish that tourists want to fish. Therefore, visitors should carefully study the information in the fishing area such as the main types of fish, ocean currents, fishing time to choose the most suitable type of hook. A pack of fishing hooks is about 3 pieces for about 100 yen.
  • Scissorsハサミ Don't forget to bring scissors, you will be surprised at the benefits it brings during fishing. For the most convenience, you should bring small scissors or scissors for about 100-500 yen, which are easy to find not only at fishing equipment stores but also at any convenience store in Japan.
  • Bait 餌: This is the most important thing that determines the outcome of your fishing session. The bait will be attached to the hook to lure the fish to bite the bait. The bait has many types such as worms, shrimp, mainly used in Japan is Aomushi worm - for about 500 yen / bag. Note that the bait must always be fresh to attract fish to bite, so visitors should buy bait during the day to ensure the quality of the bait. Here are the basic rules for hooking bait:
    + Do not let the bait rotate around the hook during fishing
    + Do not let the fish detect the hook is in the bait
    Try to hook the bait as natural as possible
  • Cooler box クールボックス: The item to store and keep our "trophies" fresh is a cool box with a price of about 2,000 yen in Japan.

It is completely possible to join and become a member of Tokyo fishing clubs - where people share, learn and offer fishing experiences and interesting stories behind this "fun". ". In addition to satisfying our passions, clubs also help us make friends and make new friends from all over the world.

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