7 reasons you should visit a 100 yen shop when you come to Japan

One thing's for sure, for those who love to travel, especially those in East Asia, 100 yen shops like Daiso will always be on the list of places to go.

Dec 20, 2022 - 08:36
Feb 3, 2023 - 08:44
7 reasons you should visit a 100 yen shop when you come to Japan

Customers will often be impressed with the cute, colorful and affordable items at these stores.

1. Unexpectedly high quality products at the 100 yen shop

Let's change that mindset because 100 yen products from Japan are all made with quality - quality - Japan - Japan.

There are many stores similar to 100 yen stores around the world, which sell inexpensive items, such as dollar stores in the United States. There may be people who think that it is pointless to go to another country but just go to a shop selling cheap goods.

2. Travel essentials – From toothbrushes to underwear

There are many items for sale in Japanese 100 yen shops, such as toothbrushes, cosmetics, flip flops, men's underwear, hats, ties, and more.

If there is a convenience store and a 100 yen store across from your hotel, when you forget to bring your toothbrush, you should go to the 100 yen store first.

3. Get a first-hand feel of Japan at the 100 yen shop

Many of the 100 yen shops have local characteristics, so the products sold in the stores will vary depending on the location, even if they belong to the same system.

4. Save a great deal on souvenirs at the 100 yen shop

There are many beautiful handicrafts and traditional items for sale in Japan. However, these products are often extremely expensive if purchased at souvenir shops in tourist areas.

5. Popular cartoon characters appear in the products at the 100 yen store

Products with Japanese cartoon characters are very popular abroad, and some people come here just to buy these products. Some popular characters are Hello Kitty, Doraemon and more recently Kumamon and Gudetama.

6. Easily calculate how much you spent at the 100 yen store

Almost all products at 100 yen stores cost 100 yen, so billing is easy. Simply multiply the number of items by 100 and add the tax.

7. The 100 yen shop is also a good place to have fun.

You know, 100 yen stores in Japan are more than just shopping places. By changing the store's layout with each season, the 100 yen shops have brought a pure Japanese cultural atmosphere full of interesting products with undeniable charm – from the From familiar goods to cute but weird items that you don't know what to use.

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