Seal registration and seal registration certificate

In Japan, it is common to use a seal instead of signing legal documents.

Apr 16, 2024 - 10:40
May 11, 2024 - 14:19
Seal registration and seal registration certificate

The same applies to foreigners living in Japan, and it is important to know about seal registration and seal registration certificates for foreigners.

1. Seal registration for foreigners: 
If a foreigner uses a seal in Japan, it is necessary to register the seal at a legal affairs bureau or government office. When registering your seal, you will need identification documents such as your alien registration certificate or residence card. Registered seals can be used for official procedures and contracts.

2. Seal registration certificate: 
A seal registration certificate is a document that proves that a seal has been registered. When foreigners sign a contract or perform official procedures in Japan, a seal registration certificate may be required. Seal registration certificates are issued at legal affairs bureaus, government offices, etc.

3. Necessary procedures: 
When a foreigner registers a seal in Japan, the following procedures are required.

  • Preparation of alien registration certificate and residence card
  • Bring the seal you want to register
  • Fill out the registration application form
  • Payment of registration fee

4. Note: 
When foreigners register their seals, there are procedures depending on their status of residence and period of residence in Japan. Additionally, if you lose your registered seal or wish to change it, you will need to re-register it.

It is important to follow the correct procedures for seal registration and seal registration certificates for foreigners. In order to smoothly carry out the necessary procedures for living in Japan and signing a contract, check the necessary documents and procedures in advance.

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