Finding natural masterpieces in Japan

Japan is blessed with numerous natural wonders, but among them are some true "masterpieces" that are not easily witnessed.

Dec 15, 2023 - 14:34
Feb 16, 2024 - 11:05
Finding natural masterpieces in Japan

The natural landscapes presented here are gifts from nature to Japan, eagerly anticipated not only by international travelers but also by the locals.

Diamond dust
This enchanting phenomenon can only be witnessed in limited areas in Hokkaido, such as Miei town, Nayoro city, or Tokachi district. When humid air in the atmosphere freezes, crystallizing into sparkling particles, it creates a fairy-tale-like scene. Resembling diamond dust, these glistening particles fall, bathing in the morning sunlight.

The conditions for this spectacle include a temperature below -10°C, no wind, sunny weather, and a temperature difference from the previous day. Although this breathtaking view is observable from January to February, it's not an everyday occurrence, making those who witness the "diamond dust" truly fortunate.

Snow Monsters (Yukidaruma)
Formed when moist clouds from the sea meet the cold while drifting towards the mountains, creating a fierce snowstorm. The snow covers the trees, causing them to freeze, and with the intensity of the storm, the amount of snow gathered on the trees creates unique shapes. This phenomenon, also known as "Snow Monster," unlike "diamond dust," lasts longer, making it more likely to be seen.

Diamond Fuji
A magical moment when the sun rises right at the center of Mount Fuji, combined with the mountain's reflection in the crystal-clear lake, forming a perfect diamond shape. This scene is exclusive to a limited period around one week from either April 20 or August 20 at Lake Tanuki in Shizuoka.

The necessary conditions are sunny weather, coupled with standing wind to keep the lake's surface calm, allowing for a full reflection of Mount Fuji. Overall, this is a challenging sight to witness, so if you plan to "hunt" for this view, a little prayer beforehand might be advisable.

Cherry Blossom Carpet (Sakura no Jutan)
The Cherry Blossom Carpet is created when cherry blossoms from trees along the canal fall gracefully into the water, dyeing the surface in the distinctive pink color of Japanese cherry blossoms, forming a beautiful pink carpet. The best time to witness this carpet in Hirosaki City is around late April to early May. To experience the full beauty of the "Cherry Blossom Carpet," the ideal period is 3-5 days after the blossoming of the flowers.

Floating Castle (Tenkuu no Shiro)

Echizen Ono Castle in Fukui Prefecture seems to "float" above the clouds, reminiscent of a scene from Ghibli's Laputa - Castle in the Sky. This phenomenon is often observed during chilly dawn, but capturing the "floating" scene is not simple. Many have spent 30 minutes climbing the mountain, hoping to witness the breathtaking sight, only to return disappointed.

These rare natural wonders showcase Japan's diversity and the exquisite beauty bestowed upon its landscapes. Whether it's the fleeting sparkle of "diamond dust" or the enduring presence of "Snow Monsters," each spectacle offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to encounter them.

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