Japan Travel Awards 2022: Celebrating Excellence and Diversity in Tourism

2023 is almost over, what places have you visited in Japan? Now let Injavi review the Japan Travel Awards introduced in 2022.

Dec 15, 2023 - 13:05
Feb 16, 2024 - 11:05
Japan Travel Awards 2022: Celebrating Excellence and Diversity in Tourism

In its 2022 year, the Japan Travel Awards recognized 8 destinations and organizations across 7 different categories. Additionally, 6 special awards and a Grand Prix were presented. The judging panel comprised travel-focused writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

1. Most Accessible Category
Fukushima's barrier-free tourism center takes the spotlight in the "Most Accessible" category at the Japan Travel Awards 2022. Known for providing multilingual support to visitors facing challenges, this center secured victory in ensuring accessibility. The center also offers consulting services for local businesses and travel agencies to enhance the overall tourism quality.

2. Best Service Category
In Yamanashi, the Fufu Kawaguchiko resort, surrounded by lush greenery with breathtaking views of Mount Fuji, claimed victory in the "Best Service" category. Recognized for providing quality services to visitors, the resort offers a safe and cool environment, ensuring a relaxing stay with a staff friendly to the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Most Sustainable Category
This category had two winners: Hotel Why in Kamikatsu and the Nishi-Awa region of Mount Tsurugi in Tokushima. Hotel Why is located in Kamikatsu, renowned globally as Japan's zero-waste town. Constructed using locally harvested cedar wood, the sustainable hotel's interior is repurposed from residents' discarded items. Visitors can explore the nearby waste center to learn about the town's commitment to daily recycling.

The second winner is Mount Tsurugi and the Yoshino River tourism area in Tokushima. Known for its pristine nature, this local community harmonizes with the environment. A standout feature is Earthship Mima, a sustainable guesthouse built from recycled materials and operated with self-sufficient energy and water.

4. Most Family-Friendly Category
Happy Raft in Kochi, specializing in world-class adventurous activities such as rafting and rock climbing, won in the "Most Family-Friendly" category. Unlike other outdoor sports experience providers, Happy Raft also tailors services for families with children under 3. Trained guides ensure the safety of both children and guests during the trip, as well as organizing overnight stays.

5. Most LGBTQ+ Friendly Category
Opened just last year, W Osaka, part of the renowned Marriott International hotel brand, stands out for its inclusive design, earning it recognition in the "Most LGBTQ+ Friendly" category. Since its opening, W Osaka has hosted meaningful events like Queer Me Out and What She Said, emphasizing crucial social issues such as diversity celebration and empowering women.

6. Most Luxurious Accommodation Category
Hoshinoya Okinawa, a beachfront resort in Yomitan village, secured victory in the "Most Luxurious Accommodation" category. Representing Japanese luxury, Hoshinoya Okinawa offers guests a range of services, from beachside rooms to a stunning year-round infinity pool and various activities, including horseback riding along the beach.

7. Most Extravagant Experience Category
The private performances of Iwami Kagura, a traditional dance in Shintoism performed to pray for a bountiful harvest and good health, clinched victory in the "Most Extravagant Experience" category. While Iwami Kagura performances are less common today, visitors can still enjoy them in Shimane Prefecture, where over 150 Kagura groups strive to preserve this ancient tradition.

8. Special Awards and Grand Prix
Six special awards were presented at the Japan Travel Award. To view the complete list of winning destinations, visit the Japan Travel Awards website.

This year's Grand Prix was awarded to the Fukushima barrier-free tourism center for its outstanding services, innovative approaches, and initiatives that make it easy for travelers to choose destinations ranging from luxury to sustainability.

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