The nature of the Japanese countryside - Tamura city, Fukushima prefecture

Referring to Japan travel is referring to trips to large cities with convenient means of transportation. However, large cities with a large number of people and neon lights everywhere contrast with the beautiful nature of Japan and the way of life of the people and nature there.

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The nature of the Japanese countryside - Tamura city, Fukushima prefecture

How to get to Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture
From Tokyo to Tamura City, the most convenient way is by train. The closest station to Tamura city is Koriyama station, from Tokyo or Ueno you can also use the Tohoku shinkansen line.

If traveling by shinkansen, it costs 7,810 yen from Tokyo station, 7,600 yen from Ueno station, and takes more than 1 hour. You can use tickets "JAPAN RAIL PASS" or "JR EAST PASS" to save more.

You can also travel by plane through Sendai airport. After arriving at Sendai Airport, you will take the train to JR Sendai Station, change to the shinkansen to get to Koriyama Station. The fare from the airport is about 5,700 yen and takes more than 1 hour.

If you use the JR Banetsuto line, you can also go to other stations in Tamura city. However, the attractions are located far away from the stations of the JR Banetsuto line, the number of bus lines is also not many.

Sightseeing places that can be experienced all year round
Tamura City has interesting attractions such as sites that can be experienced only during that season or sites that can be experienced all year round. First, the article will introduce from places that can be experienced all year round!

Abukuma stalactite cave
Abukuma Cave is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Tamura city, is a huge stalactite cave, created by majestic nature over 80 million years. The largest cave here is up to 29m high, you can take 360-degree photos. In the cave there is a walking path, you can walk easily.

Hoshinomura Observatory
“Hoshinomura Observatory” has a large telescope with a diameter of up to 65cm. Here you can experience the model of the universe during the day, and on fine days, you can also observe the sun and stars. Depending on the day, there are also events to watch the stars in the evening.

Isozaki Shrine
If you have ever been to  Isozaki Shrine, you will be impressed with its mystical beauty. Isozaki Shrine is built on a cliff in a dense forest with rows of tall old trees, when you worship you need to climb up.

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