Popular styles of Kanzashi

Kanzashi has a variety of different designs but the most popular is the Kanzashi hana style - the shape of flowers is depicted according to each season of the year or carries different meanings and messages.

Mar 7, 2023 - 10:49
May 20, 2024 - 11:35
Popular styles of Kanzashi

Let's find out and list 12 most popular colorful Kanzashi flower designs of the year of the "land of cherry blossoms":

  1. January: To celebrate the joyful New Year atmosphere, Kanzashi often takes inspiration from colorful flowers that are typical of winter such as chrysanthemums, blooming apricots or images of bamboo trees with vitality.
  2. February: Kanzashi designs are mainly focused on welcoming the spring atmosphere and the biggest love event of the year - Valentine's Day, so pink, red will be popular colors to be. Popularity. In February, white, pink and crimson apricot flowers will be the right choice.
  3. March: According to the Japanese concept, March symbolizes the happiness of each person. Because of that, Kanzashi took the ideas of daffodils, peonies and canola flowers.
  4. April: This is the most beautiful time of the year when the cherry blossoms bloom, so Kanzashi in April will be mainly pink sakura flowers with all different color frames and designs.
  5. May: Iris, wisteria and peony will be the inspiration for Kanzashi designers this May.
  6. June: As the rainy season approaches, the image of drooping willows or vibrant hydrangeas will be depicted on Kanzashi hair brooches.
  7. July: It is the time when the summer festivals take place the most vibrant and bustling of the year, accordingly, Kanzashi also cannot ignore the symbols of summer such as hand fans, images of dragonflies. Water dragon with colorful petals.
  8. August: Kanzashi brooches with the image of sparkling stars with the meaning of bringing happiness, luck and peace to everyone will be the main image in the late summer. While the Geisha chose for themselves silver Kanzashi, Maiko chose a more eye-catching color than red or pink.
  9. September: Traditionally in September every year, the Kanzashi flower brooch will be mainly in the shape of sandflowers - known as bell flowers in Asian countries. In addition, some other typical flowers of autumn such as chrysanthemum or clover also become a source of creative inspiration.
  10. October: Chrysanthemum flowers represent the height and immensity of autumn, so pink and red colors are often used as the main colors in this month.
  11. November: Maple leaves in shades of green to sepia will be the main idea for the head brooches this November.
  12. December: Kanzashi's uncle symbols for the last month of this year will be the lucky Maneki cats, mochi flowers or rice flowers.
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