How to use coin laundry laundry service in Japan

Coin laundry is a term used in Japan to refer to an automated laundry service. This is a convenient and cost-effective option for people who don't have their own washing machine at home and travelers. These public washing machines are coin operated and very popular in Japan.

Jun 1, 2023 - 21:02
How to use coin laundry laundry service in Japan

Benefits of coin laundry:

  1. Convenience: Coin laundry in Japan is very clean, safe and comfortable. Customers can relax while waiting with benches, TVs, magazines and books available. In addition, the automatic money changer also makes money exchange easy.
  2. Vending Machines: Many coin laundry stores have vending machines, providing a cost savings for tourists and people who can't find a convenience store nearby.
  3. Save time: Washing and drying only takes about 50 minutes, giving visitors more time to explore Japan.

How to use coin laundry:

  1. Prepare the necessary items: A separate laundry basket, laundry detergent or fabric softener, and a coin.
  2. Choose the right machine: Choose a machine with the right size and weight for the amount of clothes to be washed.
  3. Filling the washing machine: Make sure the machine is not too full, about 70-80% of the machine capacity.
  4. Pour detergent and close the lid: Most machines have automatic washing and softening modes.
  5. Use coins to operate the machine: Only 100 yen and 500 yen coins are accepted, depending on the type of machine.
  6. Wait for the clothes to finish washing and pick up the clothes.

When using coin laundry service, there are some notes and rules that we should follow to maintain order and general hygiene in the public laundry.

  • Respect and maintain order: Since coin laundry is a public place, we need to respect and maintain order in the laundry room. Make sure we don't leave any trash or personal items behind after use.
  • Waiting for your turn to wash: There may be a wait when using an automatic washing machine. In this case, wait for your turn to wash and don't intrude on someone else's.
  • Dispose of clothes left in the machine: If when it's our turn to wash, someone else's clothes are still in the machine, put the clothes in separate baskets and put the baskets in one place. After that, start your laundry.
  • Use an automatic shoe washing machine: Some automatic laundry rooms are equipped with an automatic shoe washing machine. These washing machines will help us clean and dry shoes quickly. This allows visitors to travel and tour with clean, dry shoes immediately after washing.
  • Use reasonable waiting time: In the process of waiting, coin laundry shops often provide waiting chairs, books, newspapers and vending machines for the entertainment and convenience of customers. Guests can relax, read a book, or chat with friends in the meantime.

Coin laundry is a popular and typical service in Japan, helping visitors solve laundry problems during long trips. Complying with the above notes and rules will help visitors maintain order and a better experience during using this service.

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