Explore Kasama's Chestnut Delights at the Kasama New Chestnut Festival

As October arrives in Japan, the shelves of supermarkets are adorned with autumnal delights like grapes, apples, saury fish, mushrooms, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes.

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Jun 10, 2024 - 17:35
Explore Kasama's Chestnut Delights at the Kasama New Chestnut Festival

Even convenience stores feature snacks flavored with chestnuts and sweet potatoes. It's a season of changing flavors and sensations. Among these autumnal treasures, chestnuts hold a special place in the hearts of many.

In this article, Injavi.com introduce you to Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture, one of Japan's premier chestnut-producing regions, and its delectable chestnut cuisine showcased at the Kasama New Chestnut Festival.

Why Kasama is Known for Chestnuts

Ibaraki Prefecture leads Japan both in terms of chestnut cultivation area and yield, accounting for approximately 24% of the nation's total chestnut production (according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). Within Ibaraki, Kasama City boasts the largest chestnut cultivation area.

But what makes Kasama renowned for chestnuts? Firstly, Kasama's climate, characterized by distinct temperature variations and well-ventilated soil, provides an ideal environment for chestnut cultivation. It's not just about the soil; Kasama has also invested in chestnut variety improvements and developed a unique method called "cold storage chestnuts" to maximize sugar content. All these efforts are the fruits of extensive research. Chestnuts from Kasama are known for their exceptional quality and are widely used in renowned patisseries and chestnut-based cuisine.

Indulge in Japan's Finest Chestnuts at the Kasama New Chestnut Festival

Every year during the chestnut season in October, Kasama City hosts the "Kasama New Chestnut Festival," a celebration centered around chestnuts. Local chestnut farmers, pastry shops, and restaurants participate in this event.

Visitors can savor roasted chestnuts and chestnut-based sweets at the festival. There are also activities like chestnut picking and sweet-making workshops, as well as games for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to try the chestnut samples available at the venue, and relish the exquisite flavor of freshly harvested chestnuts.

Event Information Kasama New Chestnut Festival

  • Date: Held annually on the last Saturday and Sunday of September or the first Saturday and Sunday of October (In 2020, it was held on September 26th and 27th)
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: Kasama Art Forest Park, 2345 Kasama, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture 

If you find yourself in Japan during this delightful season, make sure to visit the Kasama New Chestnut Festival to experience the rich flavors and cultural significance of these exquisite chestnuts.

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