10 Recommended Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo

When spring arrives, Tokyo is decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom viewing is a traditional Japanese event and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms with family and friends.

Apr 11, 2024 - 08:46
May 17, 2024 - 11:17
10 Recommended Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo

Today, we will introduce 10 recommended cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.

  1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden - One of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo. There are many types of cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy a walk or a picnic here.
  2. Ueno Park - Located near Ueno Zoo, this park has a cherry blossom tunnel and a large pond. The cherry blossoms are especially beautiful at night.
  3. Meguro River - There are rows of cherry blossom trees along the river that flows through Meguro Ward, and the illuminated night view is also attractive.
  4. Along the Sumida River - Located near the Tokyo Sky Tree, there are rows of cherry blossom trees along the river. Cherry blossom viewing from a boat is also recommended.
  5. Inokashira Park - Also known as Showa Memorial Park, this park is dotted with cherry blossom trees over a vast area. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms on a boat.
  6. Yoyogi Park - There are many flowering trees in addition to cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy picnics and barbecues here.
  7. Nakameguro River - A tributary of the Meguro River, it is famous for its cherry blossom tunnel. Walking through the cherry blossom tunnel is very romantic.
  8. Yasukuni Shrine - A shrine dedicated to the memory of Japan's war dead, where many cherry blossoms bloom in spring.
  9. Shiba Park - Located right next to Tokyo Tower, the contrast between the cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower is beautiful.
  10. Koishikawa Korakuen - A historic garden where you can enjoy many flowers in each season. It is especially crowded with people during the cherry blossom season.

These cherry blossom viewing spots are worth visiting in spring. Please spend a wonderful time while enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms. So please enjoy cherry blossom viewing!

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