5 ski resorts to enjoy winter in Japan

Feb 7, 2024 - 08:59
Feb 16, 2024 - 11:06
5 ski resorts to enjoy winter in Japan
Photo source: Niseko.ne.jp

As winter approaches, the charm of snowy mountains expands and Japan's ski resorts become more lively. Therefore, this time INJAVI will introduce five particularly famous ski resorts in Japan. Each has its own charm and is the perfect place for winter activities.

1. Niseko
Niseko, located in Hokkaido, is world-famous for its powder snow. The snowfall is high and the quality of the snow provides easy slipping. The resort area also offers a variety of activities and hot springs, which is why many tourists visit.

2. Hakuba
Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture is also known as the venue for the Olympic Games, and is characterized by its beautiful snowy scenery and vast ski area. Professional skiers also visit, and the variety of slopes attracts skiers and snowboarders.

3. Kamikochi
Kamikochi, located at the foot of the Japanese Alps, is a ski resort surrounded by magnificent nature. The uninterrupted views and clean air make it a favorite among skiers and nature lovers alike. A variety of events are held during the season to keep you entertained.

4. Asagiri Plateau
Asagiri Kogen, located in the Kanto region, is a ski resort with easy access and where you can enjoy nature in all seasons. Night skiing is especially popular, and the illuminated snowy landscape creates a magical and romantic atmosphere.

5. Zao
Zao, located in Miyagi Prefecture, is also known as a hot spring area and is an attractive spot for skiers and snowboarders. After skiing, you can relax in the hot springs and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

These ski resorts are places where you can experience the most of Japan's winter fun. Each ski resort has its own charm and is a must-see for winter activity enthusiasts.

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