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Recruit collaborators

To serve the need for scale expansion, Injavi is currently looking for freelance collaborators(from students to working adults and retired people). At Injavi, you can freely spread your love for Japan through your articles.


  • Injavi is one of the websites promoting Japanese Culture, Lifestyle, Cuisine, Tourism and People belonging to Mansan Co.,Ltd. in Japan.
  • Injavi currently providing languages: Japanese, English and Vietnamese (we are planning to expand the language to Korean and Chinese)
  • Injavi has registered to participate in Chiba SDGs Partner, Matsudo SDGs Partner, Japan Endless Discovery (Japan Tourism Agency), Study Abroad in Japan Image Logo (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)


What you can post:
On Injavi there are posting forms such as: Articles, Videos, Trivia Quiz.
You can post articles or your own videos and music from other channels like Youtube...

On Website
Share again on Injavi's media channels (Fanpage, Instagram, Youtube,...)



1. Submit your article
Register as a member, then write and submit to Injavi the article. 

Note: Your article must be from your own experience and must not have been published in any media.

2. Build articles (if any)
Injavi's editors will be able to edit your article to make it perfect.

3. Share
When the article has been posted on the website. Please share the link to show off to everyone to get a large amount of traffic to your article!



  • Some people join us to advance their careers, such as wanting to work in an English,VietNam... speaking environment, interact with people from other countries, acquire skills in new fields and gain Proven track record.
  • Some people join because they want to make the most of their experience, such as those who are looking for something to do, are looking for a new person and want to do something that can help people and the community. their local community.
  • Some people join because they want to earn extra income with their writing skills.

INJAVI aims to be more than just a website that distributes local information, but also a place where volunteers can gain experience, make the most of their careers and make new discoveries.

By joining INJAVI

  • Contribute to regional revitalization
  • Contributing to local industry
  • Contribution to local government activities
  • Contributing to people overseas
  • Contribute to the creation of your skills and experience
  • Earn extra income with your article writing skills

If you would like to participate as a volunteer, we will create a dedicated account and set up your own PR space. You can link to your own SNS or website. 

Royalties will be transferred to your account after you earn the full withdrawal amount specified at the Injavi Website.

We apply an incentive system where articles are rewarded according to the number of views. Please check details at the time of recruitment.

(Note: Please email us to register to receive royalties if you want. Note that you need to register before participating for the royalty calculation system to work)

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