Places to visit in Japan: 8 “must visit” places this spring

If you thought spring in Japan was all about cherry blossoms, think again! From fruit picking in Chiba to viewing tulips at Kamiyubetsu Park, there's plenty to do. The following places to visit Japan will prove it!

Mar 19, 2022 - 21:31
Feb 3, 2023 - 08:21
Places to visit in Japan: 8 “must visit” places this spring

Shinjuku, Tokyo: Shinjuku Gyoen
Speaking of spring in Japan, how can you not name the cherry blossoms? It's a scam! But you can't just ignore them, because they're everywhere during spring. The native name is called sakura, and there are also many places to see carnation varieties.

Futtsu-shi, Chiba: Mother Farm
Aside from sakura, another springtime symbol in Japan is strawberry season! You won't be able to fully experience Japanese spring without eating strawberries that you picked yourself! Moreover, Japanese people often have the habit of giving fruit to each other on special occasions or when going out. So if you've come to Chiba, why not stop by Mother Farm to pick some fruit for family and friends? Well, for myself of course!
Old Japanese sightseeing spot in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto: Daigo-Ji Chùa Temple.

Regardless of the season, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are a must-see when visiting Japan. These centuries-old places of worship are not only a cultural focal point, but a reflection of authentic traditional Japanese architecture. Daigo-ji is a prime example, dating back to 1598 (reconstruction), while the oldest parts date back to 951. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Takayama, Gifu: Old Town Takayama
The mountains of Japan hide a treasure: the old town of Takayama. When spring comes, the neighborhood is bustling. The long-standing traditional Takayama Spring Festival was recently officially recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Dating back to around 1652, it is one of the most beautiful and grandiose festivals in Japan. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the street filled with cherry blossoms with different shades of pink.

Sapporo, Hokkaido: Odori Park and Kawashimo Park

Cherry blossoms aren't the only flowers that adorn the streets of Japan. Plums, tulips, violets, peaches, and shibazakura all bloom in spring, among others. In Sapporo, it's the lilac flower, the symbol of Sapporo, that not only heralds the arrival of spring but also celebrates! With hundreds of species of lilac flowers blooming throughout the city, people celebrate the fragrant flower-scented Sapporo Lilac Festival.

Yubetsu, Hokkaido: Kamiyubetsu Tulip Garden
Referring to tulips, the image of an endless colorful flower field in the Netherlands appears again. But why travel so far when we already have the very Asian tulip fields right here? While elsewhere in Japan, cherry blossoms are always the focus, in Kamiyubetsu, it is the tulips that are the "star" in spring.

Hitachinaka, Ibaraki: Hitachi Seaside Park
Less than 2 hours from Tokyo, there is Hitachi Seaside Park – one of the most breathtaking sights. This park changes with the seasons, the color magically changes with each different flower season. Blue is the main color of spring in this park.

Minamitsuru, Yamanashi: Fuji Motosuko Resort, Yamanashi
If you come to Japan, you must come see this mountain! Dubbed the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji, locally known as Fujisan, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Imagine the scene where you stand in the middle of a beautiful flower bed with the backdrop of the majestic Mount Fuji. It's definitely a monumental souvenir photo of Japan!

Best time: Mid-April to early May

A short trip to Japan will also promise to bring an unforgettable experience and not to be missed. To enjoy spring to the fullest, check out these places and avoid the crowded Golden Week around the end of April!

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