On-matsuri Festival the mystery behind the mask

Since ancient times, masks have existed in the cultural life of the Japanese, estimated from about 2000 years ago.

Dec 28, 2022 - 07:28
Feb 28, 2023 - 22:16
On-matsuri Festival the mystery behind the mask

Although the country of the rising sun is industrially developed, but inherently comes from agriculture, it is understandable that the spiritual factor is quite valued by the people here.

Every year, they all do worshiping rituals with the aim of praying to the gods for a good harvest, favorable rain, or prosperity for the country. Japanese culture contains many thrilling and fascinating stories. If you want to learn more, you can travel to Japan, and see and discover the charm of this country with your own eyes.

The On-matsuri mask festival season at Kasuga Shrine, Nara usually begins in December every year, each festival and worshiping ceremony of the Japanese carries a story about a certain deity. At the ceremony, the Japanese will wear a mask, symbolizing that deity to perform the worshiping ceremony and bring fortune to the people. The city of Hamada still has an old festival, called On-matsuri .

In this festival, they perform many dances depicting the spirit world quite vividly. Each dance has a story in it. Thereby, it can be seen that the spiritual life in the land of Phu Tang is quite rich and diverse. Another famous deity is Ebisu, who governs and protects commerce, agriculture and fishery.

For the Japanese, this god will protect the fields, bring good luck and prosperity to business and business. This god-like mask always shows a friendly smile.

Besides, the festival also organizes many interesting cultural activities such as: learning about swordsmanship, trying archery, trying on Yukata, fortune telling Tarot, traditional Yosakoi dance, trying archery or learning some basic techniques of traditional Japanese martial arts; Dress up as famous cartoon characters…

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