Labor contract in Japan

Foreigners who work in Japan are generally required to have a valid work visa, which is obtained through their employer.

Mar 14, 2023 - 17:02
Jun 7, 2023 - 17:35
Labor contract in Japan

Once a work visa is secured, the employer and employee will typically sign an employment contract that outlines the terms and conditions of their working relationship. Here are some of the common elements that may be included in an employment contract for foreigners in Japan:

  1. Job description: The contract should clearly state the position that the employee will hold, as well as their responsibilities and duties.

  2. Salary and benefits: The contract should specify the employee's salary, as well as any other benefits they will receive, such as health insurance, paid time off, and bonuses.

  3. Working hours: The contract should specify the employee's working hours, including any overtime or weekend work that may be required.

  4. Duration of employment: The contract should state the duration of the employee's employment, including the start and end dates.

  5. Termination: The contract should outline the conditions under which the employment may be terminated, as well as any notice periods required.

  6. Non-disclosure and non-compete clauses: The contract may include clauses that prohibit the employee from disclosing confidential information about the company or competing with the company after their employment ends.

  7. Other terms and conditions: The contract may include other terms and conditions that are specific to the employer or the nature of the work.

It is important for both the employer and employee to carefully review and understand the terms of the employment contract before signing. If there are any issues or concerns, they should be addressed and resolved before the contract is finalized.

It is unusual for the contract to contain the following contents: (The Company cannot contract with these contents)

  • If you fail to comply with the terms of the contract, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.
  • The company lends you some money and will deduct it from your salary every month.
  • The company can deduct the house rent, etc. from the salary without notifying you.
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