Kobe Japanese cuisine through attractive dishes

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan in winter, do not forget to enjoy Kobe beef hot pot, a very popular winter dish in Japan.

Dec 23, 2022 - 07:58
Feb 28, 2023 - 16:58
Kobe Japanese cuisine through attractive dishes

Kobe beef hot pot
When enjoying the hot pot, you will feel the beef is very tender, blended with the rich hot pot and signature sauce, creating a perfect taste that is unmatched anywhere.

Although Kobe beef hotpot looks very simple from the outside, it must be prepared by skilled chefs to ensure the delicious taste and nutrients of the dish.

Grilled Kobe Beef with Black Pepper
To fully enjoy the softness, greasy and delicious taste of Kobe beef, the Japanese often marinate beef with black pepper and bring it toast at 300 degrees Celsius.

When used, the dish will be dipped with black pepper sauce and mustard. The first time, you may find it a bit strange, but you will quickly be "attracted" by this dish.

Kobe Sashimi
Enjoying Kobe beef in Sashimi is a great choice for you to feel the most natural flavor of this world famous beef dish. Each fiber of pink, smooth, velvety meat gradually melts in your mouth along with the sweet and fatty taste that will make you remember forever.

Kobe Kaminabe
Kaminabe is known as paper hot pot, a unique hot pot dish in Japanese cuisine. Paper hot pot originates from Osaka region, instead of using pot, people will use paper to enjoy hot pot. It sounds too strange, but this is a dish that not only attracts curiosity but also leaves many impressions on visitors.

Experience the attractive paper hot pot, the rich flavor of Kobe beef with the sweet, fragrant dip that is taken out from the boiling paper pot without being soaked or burnt.

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