Innovative personal data protection Stamp

Nov 3, 2023 - 08:33
Innovative personal data protection Stamp

Following the enactment of the Personal Information Protection Act in 2005, the importance of safeguarding personal information has been steadily growing in Japanese society. People are increasingly aware of the need to maintain privacy and security for their personal data.

The daily onslaught of advertising materials has become quite a nuisance for many households. However, when attempting to dispose of these advertisements, people often worry that sensitive information such as their names and addresses might be exposed to prying eyes.

In 2007, a Japanese company introduced a unique invention – the "Personal Data Protection Stamp."

Instead of the hassle of cutting or tearing these advertisements into shreds and then disposing of them, you can now simply perform a single action – stamping the document you wish to safeguard. When you use this stamp, the text will be covered with a layer of black ink, preventing others from reading the information underneath.

What makes this stamp remarkable is its meticulous design. Every aspect of it has been carefully considered, from the specific characters used to the thickness and angle of the text.

This achievement has spread to many countries, with over 12 million stamps sold, making it a top-selling product in the market for an extended period. The Personal Data Protection Stamp has become a valuable tool to help individuals protect their privacy and personal information from unauthorized access.

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